Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Not-So-Guilty Pleasures: The Scarlett Cole Edition

Good morning, all!

The time has come for another author to spill some secrets! And I am so very, very excited to be
hosting one of my extremely talented beta readers, Ms. Scarlett Cole. Spoiler alert, this woman's writing is the bee's knees. But today isn't about her fantastic stories, but the lovely lady herself. Let's see what she revealed....

Not-So-Guilty Pleasures

Hi Everybody,

Thanks so much to Kelly for inviting me to swing by her blog. It’s nice to meet you all. Settling on five guilty pleasures was tougher than I thought. So here goes:

Live Music

My husband and I love live music. It’s our date night. They don’t have to be big and fancy. Often, the grungier, seedier, and smaller the venue, the more personal the concert feels. One year, we went to over thirty concerts. There is something about the atmosphere of a concert, feeling your chest reverb from the volume, and sharing that experience with other fans. There’s no judgment about who you are, what you do, or where you come from. You are just there for the music. It’s a great equalizer.

My Christmas Tree

I am a sucker for the holidays and the dysfunctional mayhem that comes with families crashing together in the spirit of goodwill.

My guilty pleasure is a fabulous looking tree. Over fifteen hundred lights, thirty meters of ribbon, and hundreds of hand collected baubles are hung with, shamefully, zero assistance from my children. I won’t let them help because I hate people messing with my tree. I like balance, equally spaced colors, and variety in textures. I buy them their own trees, and we decorate them at the same time but they know better than to touch mine.

Broadway Show Tunes

In an alternate universe, I am convinced I am Idina Menzel. I love singing along to soundtracks from great musicals.

My sister and I used to perform in the school Gilbert and Sullivan productions. She has a way better voice than I do and I was often relegated to singing the harmony when we were younger. To this day, I can only sing Barbara Dickson’s part in I Know Him So Well from Chess.
Unfortunately enthusiasm is not a replacement for talent.

Dark Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

At 82 calories a pop, these really are the guiltiest of guilty pleasures on my list. I have this timed to perfection. I make my tea and like to get my first dunk within two minutes of the kettle boiling. The dunk can be no less than seven seconds because the biscuit is still too hard but no more than nine seconds or else the dunked bit drops off into the tea, which is gross. I eat half the biscuit in one bite. If the words aren’t coming or I am having a rough day, I allow myself four biscuits in one sitting but then I add fifteen minutes to my workout the next day.

Pens and Notebooks

I love stationary shops. When I discover a new one, I get the closest thing to a legal high. I could spend hours in one trying to find the perfect notebook, notelets and pens. I edit my manuscripts by hand. For some reason, I feel like I pay more attention when I am holding a pen. I use a Pilot Dr. Grip Gel pen in black. Not the fanciest pen out there, but it doesn’t bleed at all and allows me to write in very tiny print. When I am plotting story lines by hand I love color. I use Sharpie fine point pens and assign different colors to the hero, heroine and external threat so I can keep track visually of pacing.

Want to know more about Scarlett Cole? Of course you do!

Now, while you're checking out more of her awesome, I'll be figuring out how to swing a visit to Scarlett's house this holiday season. Three trees!! *swoon*

Friday, September 5, 2014

Places to Visit: Toledo & Madrid

Hello all! I have returned from my visit to sunny Spain. 

It was, of course, amazing, despite some almost comical travel problems - at final count it took 1 delayed flight, 1 missed connection, 20 hours, 3 planes, 2 cabs, 2 buses and 1 train to get to Toledo. 

But it was worth it. If I was ever in the mood for tilting at windmills, Castilla-La Mancha would certainly be a beautiful place to do it. 

In addition to being just simply beautiful, the city also houses the Primate Cathedral of St. Mary of Toledo - one of the three thirteenth century Gothic cathedrals in Spain. 

It's gorgeously overwhelming. 

Though, if I'm being completely honest, those cherubs that are just heads and wings? They creep me out a bit. 

From here, it was off to Madrid, which now holds the distinction of being the first place I've ever seen flamenco or a public proposal. The first was amazing - graceful, sweeping arm movements paired with long, staccato bursts of footwork at an energy level I can't even comprehend - the second was pretty damn adorable. 

Plus, just looking at the palace all lit up at night is reason enough for the trip. 

I will say with all the sight seeing, my vacation reading time wasn't extensive. But that just means that the normal pre-book anticipation is building away and should make my State-side reading all the more fun. 

Also, I found that being stuck on a plane for hours to be conducive to writing daydreams. Meaning that I have work to get started on. 

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Suitcase Full of Books...and Other Good Things

I don't know about you, but the end of this summer is turning into happy madness for me. 

First off is Pitch Wars, which is fantastic fun - even in the waiting stages. Regardless of whether or not you're taking part in it, you should definitely check out the hashtag. It's such a great way to get to know other writers. 

Secondly, it's traveling time once again! I'm so intensely excited to be dusting off the old suitcase again. This won't be too long of a trip, but it will be memorable. I mean....Spain! *Breaks into tap dance -- remember I can't tap dance -- settles for enthusiastic jumping.* Plus, I've made sure I have some new books in honor of the occasion:

- Just Like the Movies (Kelly Fiore)
- Gates of Thread and Stone (Lori M. Lee)
- Obsidian (Jennifer L. Armentrout)
- Being Jamie Baker (Kelly Oram)
- Prep School Confidential (Kara Taylor)

There are just wins all over the place. This does, however, mean next week's post will probably be a little late, as I'm not sure what ye olde Internet situation will be like. But when I do post, expect pictures!

Finally, there is the fundraiser. Planning is going awesomely. The list of items to be auctioned is growing and chock full o really fun things. I've mentioned a few on Twitter, but will be sending out more updates over the coming months, so keep an eye out! And, of course, endless thanks to everyone for their generosity thus far!!

Now, I'm off to do my traditional packing ritual - something akin to Supermarket Sweep. Ten minutes to pull clothes from drawers and then no looking in the bag until I reach my destination. Keeps things interesting. 

Have a happy new week, folks! When next we speak, I should be nursing a nice sunburn and the traditional September smell of pumpkin spice everything will be in the air. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

On In the Line Mix Path Not Chosen Double Feature (Bad Movies/Good Party Themes)

Hello all! It's been far too long since we've had a good party theme here. In the spirit of apologizing, I'm making this a double feature event.

What better way, I ask you, to spend an evening of bad movies and good parties that with two gems from the early 2000s. It was a wonderful time. If you were anything like me, you were rocking a boxy school uniform and hair that was far too long, while obsessively taping old episodes of Early Edition on VHS for after you finished your report on Lynne Reid Banks. Or, you know, you were doing other things. Regardless, it was a glorious period of cultural history.

How do I know that for a fact? Because the first five years gave us not only On the Line, starring Lance Bass and Emmanuelle Chriqui, but also In the Mix, starring Usher Raymond and...Emmanuelle Chriqui.

In addition to sharing punchy titles and a leading lady, these movies also have two main characters who both have shades of the actors who play them. Lance Bass' Kevin used to be part of a band, but now works in advertising. Usher's Darrell went from being a success in the music business to a job as a bodyguard.

This is what you'll be asking of your guests. Have everyone show up dressed as themselves had they chosen a different life path, zigged instead of zagged.

Rather than explaining to people who they are now, every attendee should write down on a piece of paper what their new profession is and throw it in a bowl. For the rest of the night, ask each other any question - with the exception of all derivations of "what's your job?" - and see how many can be guessed before the night is over!

In terms of prizes for anyone who manages to figure it all out, may I suggest used copies of the movies' soundtracks? Anyone who's ever felt nostalgia for the early twenty-first century will thank you. Anyone who hasn't....probably won't appreciate being on the invite list for this party. Leave those nice people alone.

Tagline (On the Line): She's one in a million. His chances of finding her again are a million to one.

Tagline (In the Mix): Everyone wants a piece of his action.

Crackerjack dialogue to look forward to:
      - "I just want to be able to walk down the street without a ten woman pileup."
      - "Love may not make the world go round, but it makes the ride worthwhile."
      - "Italian people put red sauce on their macaroni."
      - "You're like the poster boy for the romantically challenged!"

Can you guess which are from which?

For an On In the Line Mix Path Not Chosen Double Feature of your very own, here's what you need:
      - On the Line (2001)
      - In the Mix (2005)
      - Container for guests' career confessions. This is where you get to scoff at everyone who laughed at you for holding on to the tins from your Altoids Tangerine Sours (or whatever early 2000s candy you favored). And they told you that was a waste of space...
      - Prizes for winners. Like I said before, soundtracks work well. Or you could just give them a piece of paper with pictures of Lance Bass, Usher and Emmanuelle Chriqui taped on, for them to doodle hearts around. Your call. (I know I'd appreciate either.)
      - In terms of food, I think pizza is the way to go seeing as the movies take place in Chicago and New York respectively. Plus, this opens up the conversation to which style of pizza is better, and there is really no truer way to know a person than answering that question.
      - A contingent of Emmanuelle Chirqui groupies and/or folks who love to wonder about what could have been and/or anyone who's ever hummed along to N*SYNC or Usher - which means you pretty much have to invite everyone you know. Hope your place is roomy!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Literary Deathmatch: Round 2

I have finished another round of editing, which means it break time. For me, break time means two things:

- Binge watching Haven and Emma Approved.
- Trying to decide which literary character would win in a drag-down, knock-out fight.

On the first topic, all I'm going to say is that if you don't watch those two things, you really should. Two very different tones, both extremely awesome.

It's my second break time activity that I'm focusing on right now. Last time I wrote about one of these (not the last time I thought about it - because I think about these things all. the. time.) it was Ms. Bennet and Ms. Eyre donning their boxing gloves. This time, I'm looking at two women of a slightly different moral caliber.

By Airman 1st Class Kerelin Molina [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

"Okay, I'm going to need a pair of these in snow white and a pair
in cotton candy pink. Yes, the contenders are very serious
about their color choices."

In this corner, in starched and pressed white, we have one Nurse Ratched!

This contender is no stranger to wielding absolute power. Through manipulation, guilt, deprivation of food and the occasional shock therapy, she keeps the inmates of Oregon State Hospital toeing the line. Ratched has been known to drive men to suicide, but when she finds herself unable to successfully push someone's buttons, she is not above lobotomizing her foe.

And in this corner, in a stunning uniform of pink - No, ma'am. Wands must be left at the door. Fight rules. - is Madame Undersecretary Professor Delores Jane Umbridge!

Don't let her constant prim smiling fool you folks, this is no demure lady. This contender is a Slytherin alum who not only embraces her bigotry, but ensures that she is in the appropriate position of power to act on it. She not only undermines the education of children, she actively harms them both emotionally and physically. As for adults, she happily sent them to prison with the soul sucking Dementors if she so much as disapproved of their lineage.

Seeing as there is no magical or pharmaceutical tools allowed in the ring, these women are fairly well matched. As they are both concerned with giving off a composed appearance, this fight might be a little slow starting. I would assume that it would begin first with each trying to exercise her uncanny knack for seeing the emotional weaknesses of others. However, when they find themselves equals on that front, a physical altercation will be all that's left.

While in a twisted way, these two women probably have enough similar interests to be great friends, neither will yield when the fists start flying - both see the public loss of face as too cruel a punishment to bear.

Physically, they're both of similar matronly builds. Both rely heavily on the tools of their trade (whether that be drugs and surgery or wands and blood quills) to reach their goals, however, the nature of Nurse Ratched's work likely gives her an advantage in terms of physical strength. The work of a nurse, in general, requires stamina and one would assume that this would be particularly true in a mental institution. It is not unlikely that she has had physical altercations with some of the patients at one time or another. After all, approaching a patient with a needle or pills requires one to get much closer to the other individual than approaching someone with a wand.

Delores Umbridge is not someone who will go down easily - a person evil enough to feel strengthened by a horcrux is not one to be trifled with. That being said, without the aid of magic, I believe I would bet on Nurse Ratched. Despite ruling the roost over at OSH, Ratched lives her life constantly surrounded by men who hate her and never being presented with the option of a quick Stupefy - or, more likely, Cruciatus - I'm guessing she's more physically prepared for whatever's thrown at her.

What do you guys think?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Let the Planning Commence!

Good morning, ladies and gents!

I am so extremely excited to tell you that the 2nd Annual RAINN Down Hope Dinner & Auction is well in to the planning stages. Not surprisingly, it's all thanks to you. When I first started thinking about doing the dinner auction last year, I was fully prepared to have a wonderful night with whatever lovely family members could make it. Instead, I ended up in a room with 150 people, raising over $11,000 for RAINN. And, still, that wasn't the end of it.

Over the last seven plus months, I've had numerous people ask me about when we're doing the next one. As always, I am floored by the response and generosity of those around me. I am, also, happy to announce that the dinner will be held December 6, 2014 at Woodlands at the Greens in Melville, NY.

I've already started getting donations of items and baskets to be auctioned off. Spoiler alert: There are going to be some pretty awesome prizes to be won.

I'll be letting you know updates here over the next few months and you can also check out my RAINNmakers page for more info. I'm getting ready to send out Save the Dates. If you think you're going to be in the area in December and would like to get one, email me your address and I'll make sure you do!

If you're interested in donating an item for auction (signed books were a big hit last year!), please email me or drop me a note in the comments.

Thank you in advance for any signal boosting you can do! I know that, with your help, we can make this event a true celebration of the 20 years of good work done by RAINN.

On a final note, you're all awesome and I feel consistently lucky when I think of the people whose paths have crossed mine. So, thanks for that too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Writing Process Blog Tour

Greetings all!

The mega-fantastic Laura Salters has tagged me in this blog tour (check out her process here!). So, this morning I will be answering some fun questions:

1. What am I working on?

My current WIP is an as-yet-unnamed YA urban fantasy. When I first started rolling the idea around in my head it was as Veronica Mars meets Narnia, if the traffic flow through the wardrobe was going in the other direction – and if Veronica was descendant of Chugach shamans and Irish Aos Si.

I finished the first draft the week before last, twirled around in excited circles until I threw up and am currently wrestling with the first round of editing.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This story takes place in a New York where humans are very aware, although nowhere near fully accepting, of the fantasy creatures with whom they share their city. The fantasy creatures in this world are born from various American lore. From lumberjack folklore, argopelters, cactus cats, jackalopes and jersey devils all make appearances. There are also azebans, chickcharneys, fastachees and thunderbirds (to name a few), which hale from Native American folklore.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I’ve always enjoyed reading a lot of different genres. Because of this, I frequently have many different ideas for a whole variety of stories popping into my head. However, my fantasy characters are always the ones who yell the loudest. They are so persistent in their demand for my attention, I just don’t have the heart to refuse them. That, and when I try, they don’t let me sleep. I really love sleep.

4. How does my writing process work?

Generally, I start with a character – one person who really interests me. From there I build out into the people who surround them and start looking at their relationships. After I have an idea as to whether or not certain people get along (and why), I expand to the world they’re living in.

As I write fantasy, this step involves the most research. In my WIP, there’s a large focus on folklore in the United States, with particular concentrations on that of the northeast (creatures) and Alaska (creatures and shamanism). I’ve not yet mastered the art of being organized in my research, so information I find ends up in notebooks, Word files and the not-so-occasional napkin.

Once I have a decent understanding of my world – both large scale and individual to my MC – it’s time to figure out what’s about to make my MC’s life go sideways. I like to sketch out the inciting incident, the midway point, the climax and the ending. Then I just write, even on the days where it seems as though every word coming out of my mind is going to end up on the scrap pile. 

By New York Zoological Society [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

For me, drafting is all about powering through. Revisions are where I have my fun. No more terrifying blank pages, instead I get to play with a bunch of characters I already love until I make their lives the best I can.

So, that's how I approach things. How about the rest of you writerly types? What's the method to your madness? 

Thanks to Kelley Harvey for kicking this all off!!


Lauren Grimley

Lauren lives in central Massachusetts where she grew up, but her heart is on the beaches of Cape Cod Boston University she became a middle school English teacher.
where she spends as much time as possible. After graduating from

Her loves are lounging on quiet beaches, laughing with good friends, and curling up with the cat and a great book on a rainy day.

As for her first novel, she has her seventh graders to thank for starting her on this path. A few years back, they convinced a skeptical new teacher vampire stories were worth reading. She now spends her time writing them when she should be correcting papers.

Twitter: @legrimley

Megan Just

Megan is a freelance and fiction writer living with her husband and toddler daughter on California’s Central Coast.

She’s horribly long winded so her fiction writing is naturally of the full-length-novel type. Sometimes, when she’s feeling ambitious, she’ll attempt a short story. On the freelance side, her favorite assignments are features with a sociology edge and personal essays. She occasionally takes on copy editing jobs and writes book reviews.

Twitter: @meganjust

Jack Lewis Baillot

Jack is an author. Basically, run. She is not impossible, just a little bit unlikely.

She is not a king or queen of Narnia, though she would be if her wardrobe was working. She is Spartacus. She was not born on another planet though when she retires she is moving to Mars, or the Moon. She can wear a red shirt because she is Scottish. She sleeps in a bed because her hammock developed a fault. Also, she has never kissed a frog, not sure what she would do if it turned into a prince.

Twitter: @MsJackLBaillot

Monday, July 21, 2014

Knocking Blocks Down to Build Them Back Up

I’ve discovered something about my young nephew – nothing enrages him more than when I construct a tower of toys. No matter where he is in the room, he immediately bee-lines for my neat little stack of blocks and knocks them right the hell down.

If I manage to get them back up as he wobbles away, I am graced with a “are you f*&^ing kidding me?” look as he backtracks to destroy my creation once again with gleeful abandon.

When it comes to writing, I’m somewhat similar to my nephew in that sense. It’s all well and good for me to actually write a story, but the fun lies in tearing it all apart again when I’m done. Editing and revising? My favorite parts of writing. I love knocking all the blocks down and seeing where they fall. Only, unlike my nephew, I also love building it back up again. I keep at this process of destruction and rebuilding over and over again, until I charge at the story and find myself running into a wall I just can’t quite topple.

So, I’m off to do some glorious, bloody editing. While I’m hacking away, though, I thought I might leave you with the next round of awesome mythological creatures that the U.S. boasts.


This fellow is a corn spirit connected to Miccosukee and Seminole tribes. He generally appears as a dwarf and gifts people with corn. Of course, they honor him for this. How could they not? Who, in their right minds, doesn’t love corn?


Is it a bear? A panther? A lion? Nope. This guy appears to be a mix of all three. The glawackus is one of the “fearsome critters” of lumberjack lore and is thought to be native of Connecticut and Massachusetts. If the pantliobear description isn’t enough to keep you from going camping, then let me also warn you, the glawackus is known for his blood-curdling screams – so, bring headphones or something.

Hudson River Monster

I’m so disappointed in myself. I’m a native New Yorker and somehow I was unaware that the Hudson River was home to a cryptid described as looking like an unusually large manatee. When you consider the fact that a manatee can weigh over 1,000 pounds, an “unusually large” one would be sizable. And I missed him! The only consolation I have is that he was spotted various times in 2006 and I was down in DC at that point. Not that my location is really any excuse. I mean, his name is Kippy! I should have known about this. I have no one to blame but myself.


This race of little people (akin to fairies) come from Eskimo legends. They’re about a foot tall. As they leave no footprints in the snow, they are believed to float just above the ground when they travel.


Another “fearsome critter” for the list! These fellows appear to call Michigan their home. They’re hard to miss, seeing as rabbits with deer antlers tend to draw attention. This becomes especially true when they start boozing it up. Jackalopes are big whiskey fans, so if you too call this your drink of choice, you’re going to want to watch that they don’t steal it. Of course, they are also able to mimic any sound. Undoubtedly, if you hear your friend calling your name, you will turn back to find your drink disappeared.

That draws today’s discussion of weird and wacky American tales to a close. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some blocks to knock down.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Reading Time!

I, very bizarrely, have not done as much reading as usual this summer. I am this close (and I know you can't see me, but there is very little space between my thumb and pointer finger right now) to finishing the first draft of my WIP. Ergo, I've been in a bit of a writing frenzy and reading less than the norm.

But, less is not none and what I have been reading has been pretty epic. 

First, I have two new beta buddies (hi buddies!) and have been given the opportunity to read both of their manuscripts. There's something particularly awesome about reading a book before most people even know it exists. It's like being invited into the VIP room of the most secret of clubs. 

You know, like when you walk in the main door, past all the peons sitting at tables surrounded by bookshelves and some super cool person pushing a cart tells you to head back to the stairwells and take them up to the top floor and you get up there and it's all empty and peaceful and filled with books....Wait, am I thinking of a library? What's a club?

Forget it, not important right now. What is important is that I have the inside track on some pretty awesome authors, namely Scarlett Cole and Laura Salters. You heard it here first, folks. Get in on the ground floor and start following these ladies if you don't already. Because I can confidently say that they are all manner of awesome in the writing department. Plus (excitement!) you'll get to know them a little better soon, as they are both going to be stopping by the blog this summer.

But, since you have to wait to experience the full wonder of their work, here are some other fantastic books I've been enjoying this summer that you can get a hold of now:


Pure superhero-y goodness. Absolutely loved getting to know Gwen Maule and really can't wait to find out what she does next.


Lots of fangirling here - for both Jane Austen and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Loved getting a chance to find out more info of what was going on off camera. Also, it was really fun to have the videos linked to in the book, if the reader wants to check out what Lizzie was recording at that point in the timeline.

THEN CAME YOU (Jill Shalvis)

I have a definite soft spot for romances where the people love animals, but this one takes it a step further. There's a turtle! And while, yes, I might have preferred Wyatt, Willow and Xander, my red ear slider cohabitants, only cared about the scenes that Sammy was in. 

Now, I have high hopes for my reading schedule in August and am focusing on creating the perfect month long TBR list. It's filling up fast, but if you have any suggestions, my arm could probably be twisted into making it longer.

Happy reading, friends!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Be In The Know with Emmie Mears!

Happy new week, folks!

I've been lucky enough to host Emmie Mears twice before on this blog (see: amazing auction donor and Not-So-Guilty Pleasures secret spiller). Today, however, is a truly special occasion because we are celebrating the release of Emmie's book, THE MASKED SONGBIRD.

This is big time exciting news and reason enough for all of us to clear our schedules for some well-deserved reading time. Before you do that, though, enjoy today's interview with Emmie!

If you could throw any kind of parade what would it be for and what would the marchers be asked to wear?

I think I would have to throw a marmot parade and ask everyone to wear moss, because why not? 

If you had to live in one Buffy episode for the next five years which one would it be and what would you hope to accomplish there?

Once More, With Feeling. I would attempt to decipher whether or not Anya’s and Xander’s song were truly retro pastiche. Then I'd write a dissertation on it.

Are you (a) a superhero, (b) a mad scientist, (c) an alien hybrid or (d) a cryptid. Elaborate.

I am a cryptid. Much as I don’t like to advertise the fact (the last thing I need is people camped out in the back yard with binoculars and field notebooks -- or worse, a visit from the NSA), you asked, and I had to respond. I am a bit skittish about describing my exact classifications, but suffice it to say that I can see in the dark, my toenails are extra sharp, and I am skilled at astral projection. (Will that scare the NSA away? I hope so.)

What song best describes your writing process?

Sympathy for the Devil. ;)

Not long ago, Estately Blog posted a list of the most Googled terms in each state. Based on this list, in which state would you most fit in?

Washington or Maine...but you didn’t hear it from me.


Mildly hapless Edinburgh accountant Gwenllian Maule is surviving. She's got a boyfriend, a rescued pet bird and a flatmate to share rent. Gwen's biggest challenges: stretching her last twenty quid until payday and not antagonizing her terrifying boss.

Then Gwen mistakenly drinks a mysterious beverage that gives her heightened senses, accelerated healing powers and astonishing strength. All of which come in handy the night she rescues her activist neighbour from a beat-down by political thugs.

Now Gwen must figure out what else the serum has done to her body, who else is interested and how her boss is involved. Finally -- and most mysteriously -- she must uncover how this whole debacle is connected to the looming referendum on Scottish independence.

Gwen's hunt for answers will test her superpowers and endanger her family, her friends -- even her country.

Emmie Mears was born in Austin, Texas, where the Lone Star state prompty spat her out at the tender age of three months. After a childhood spent mostly in Alaska, Oregon, and Montana, she became a proper vagabond and spent most of her time at university devising ways to leave the country.

Except for an ill-fated space opera she attempted at age nine, most of Emmie's childhood was spent reading books instead of writing them. Growing up she yearned to see girls in books doing awesome things, and struggled to find stories in her beloved fantasy genre that showed female heroes saving people and hunting things. Mid-way through high school, she decided the best way to see those stories was to write them herself. She now scribbles her way through the fantasy genre, most loving to pen stories about flawed characters and gritty situations lightened with the occasional quirky humor.

Emmie now lives in her eighth US state, still yearning for a return to Scotland. She inhabits a cozy domicile outside DC with two felines who think they're lions and tigers.

You can buy THE MASKED SONGBIRD here (! Released in a box set, you get four great paranormal and urban fantasy books for less than $4!

Follow Emmie on Twitter @EmmieMears and join her on Facebook!