Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not-So-Guilty Pleasures: The Lauren Baratz-Logsted Edition

Welcome back to Not-So-Guilty Pleasures! (Just as an FYI, in my head that comes out in a reality show host voice.)

Today's confessions come to us from Lauren Baratz-Logsted. I had the opportunity to hear Lauren give the keynote speech at the 2012 Backspace Conference. Her message that a happy writer is one who takes joy in every step of the process was one of my favorites. But today, we look at some of the other things in life Ms. Baratz-Logsted takes joy in:

My 5 Guilty Pleasures

1) Lime Diet Pepsi. Outside of wine and water, it's the only thing I drink. This becomes a downside on vacations because while I can always find regular diet soda in hotel vending machines, it's never Lime Diet Pepsi.

2) Shipping Wars. I love this reality TV show about truckers taking on loads to ship. OK, really, it's Roy I love. In fact, I think I might have a crush on him. Every time he leans out the window to yell at someone he's just cut off in traffic, "Why, yes, I do own the road," it cracks me up.

3) Sudoku Puzzles. I do them in bed at night before going to sleep to sharpen my mind, such as it is. I buy a particular collection at the grocery store that contains 100 puzzles. A new edition comes out every so often and each edition is numbered. Sometimes, my husband will buy me one to be nice and he'll say, "I hope you don't have this edition already." Sometimes, I already do have it. But like it matters? Like I'm going to start doing them and say, "Oh, shoot, I remember Puzzle #77. I did that one just two weeks ago and it was a bear."

4) ABC Soaps in Depth Magazine. I buy it every two weeks, because the fake captions on the pictures make me laugh and so I can read about my soap, which leads me to...

5) General Hospital. I've been watching on and off since 1979 - 33 years! - and I love that show. I love it so much that when the character in one of my books, THE BRO-MAGNET, is advised to watch GH to attract women, he becomes so obsessed with it that he and his best friend start talking about it all the time. I love GH so much, I mostly don't care what crazy stuff they throw at viewers although I do think it's beyond insane that they had it turn out that Johnny's sister is really his mother. I mean, in real life, the actress is older than him...but only by four years.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted is the author of 26 books for adults, teens and children. You can read more about her work at or follow her on Twitter @LaurenBaratzL 
Pursuing the Times 
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