Friday, January 30, 2015

The Great Return

My time in limbo is coming to a close! My new apartment is ready as of this weekend, which means no more temporary housing. I've been staying in a lovely place, but I'm definitely ready to stop living out of a suitcase.

But not even having my own space again can compete with the real glory of this coming week, because...I'm getting my books back! *cartwheels down the street, flipping into a snow bank to make the mother of all snow angels*

With all of my traveling, the bulk of my worldly goods have been in storage for almost two years. And the bulk of my worldly goods are, of course, books - much to the dismay of any kind-hearted person who has ever offered to help me move.

To say I'm excited to be in the same room as my tomes again seems both unnecessary and insufficient - BUT I CAN'T HELP MYSELF.

I have undoubtedly fallen in love with my eReader over the last couple years of motion. It's an amazing invention and, also, a dangerous one. The temptation to buy a new book, regardless of how many new books I already have, has always been overwhelming. But once I used to have to put on real pants, get in a car and get myself to a book store. Now, I only have to hit a button. So, whereas 50% of my income used to go towards books, now it's been raised to about 99%. Because I have found that the opportunity to simply hit a button erases all memory of from where the money for said buttoned thing is coming.

So, eReader = awesome + bank-account-draining. Naturally, I love it.

But, I have missed my hard covers and paperbacks - my very first loves. And they are now returning to me. I have already allocated a room in my new place to be their new home and while not everyone will understand the thrill of setting up one's home library, I'm pretty sure all of you reading this can.

Tomorrow shall be spent on the wondrous task of putting together all my new bookcases. My apartment must be ready for the glorious book arrival of Sunday. Whatever else is floating around in those boxes will just have to wait. Thankfully, I know I'll be able to find the books easily. After all, they were packed by Stage 3.

When all the books have been safely tucked away, ready yourself for some pictures as I play that age-old storage game: "I Forgot All About This Exciting Thing!!/Why Did I Ever Think This Was Worth Saving??"

Friday, January 23, 2015

Traveling today...come join me!

Hey everyone!

I'm being interviewed today in my new position as Development and Communications Director with Opera House Arts. Come join me on OHA's blog!

Have a wonderful (like 2-or-3-books-read-wonderful) weekend.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Writers for All Seasons

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it’s quite chilly in these parts – like two sets of pajamas worn simultaneously each night chilly.  

It is absolutely beautiful, looking out the snow covered rooftops and the boats floating over the (I’m sure) frigid water. But actually going outside is the thing of nightmares. Just the thought of it prompts a chill to set in my bones.

Which was perfect for this past weekend. Why, you may ask, do I so appreciate that it feels like I’m breathing in icicles the moment I step out the door?


There is nothing like being afraid of frostbite to get me to buckle down and get to work. Sure, I have to wear glittens* as I do, but that just adds to the fun. It's one of the many reasons that winter is my favorite writing season. 

Which got me wondering about other writers and their weather preferences. So, out I went into the swirling snows of the Internet and conducted a very scientific (read: completely informal) survey.

Here are the results:


Ava Jae
"Few things beat being huddled over my keyboard during a blizzard with a steaming cup of tea beside me."

“My favorite writing season is winter because I feel really guilty when I stay inside and write on gorgeous days (which doesn’t mean I don’t still do it). But when it’s cold out, then it seems like the best thing to do is put on fuzzy socks, drink tea, and disappear into a blanket and worlds I make up.

“I have to say that I love winter the best for writing, because my kids are busy with school, we take long hockey trips where I can plot in the car, and the sun sets earlier, which is great for this night owl! Not to mention the snow keeps us cozied up inside!”


“My imagination comes out of hibernation in spring and I have my best ideas as the world comes back to life.”

Gail Nall
"Fall is my favorite season, but as far as writing goes, I'd have to pick spring. There's something about the newness of everything in spring, the hope in the air, and the fact that the mosquitoes aren't out yet makes me feel as if I can write anything!"


“Summer is my favorite writing season by far. Nothing stokes the muse like the sun and a warm breeze through open windows.”


Molly Lee
"My favorite season to write is in the Fall. I'm a Midwest girl and once the air gets the crisp scent of Fall, my creative juices start flowing at full speed! I've written most of my novels in between the months of October and January for this exact reason."

Fiona McLaren
"My favorite season to write is in Autumn (the Fall), because it's a moment of metamorphosis...the world starting to enter a deep sleep, waiting for the following years' seasons to bloom with something new. The quiet and change, the period of waiting and preparation, all of these help spur my creative muse into life."


Brooks Benjamin
"Mine would have to be spring and fall. Maybe it's the way the weather sort of wiggles back and forth between warm and cold, but something about that time keeps my writing senses all tingly and alert."

Jessica Cluess
“Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season to write. Not because of the wether, since I live in always-sunny Los Angeles, but because Starbucks has great seasonal drinks. I often write in Starbucks. Actually, my favorite season to write is Starbucks.”

Scarlett Cole
"I have a terrible habit of writing books that occur during the opposite season to the one I am in. Writing books set in summer during the winter, and fall books during the spring. My favorite season to write in would be the one that matches the book I'm working on. Otherwise I end up playing Christmas carols in June to set the mood."

Lauren Grimley
"For me, there isn't a magical season. All my books were written during different seasons and all had magical writing moments, most of which occurred late at night. Like reading a good book, I know my creativity is at its peak when it can keep me up past midnight, obliterating all thoughts of the morning's obligations. I guess I never outgrew that rush of staying up past my bedtime, because I feel there's something special, empowering even, about writing down your dreams and fantasies while the rest of the world are sleeping through theirs."

In conclusion, with the same certainly that you can know that somewhere an episode of Law & Order is on, you can be sure that no matter what the time or weather, somewhere someone is writing. 

*Warning: The wearing of glittens while
writing will undoubtedly increase
your number of glitten-related typos.
But they're so cozy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New Whole Bucket of Things

Happy 2015 everyone!

I haven't quite wrapped my head around the new year yet. Even knowing that's what this post was going to be about, I still wrote "2014" in that greeting the first time around. It gets me every damn time.

Hope everyone's celebrations were wonderful. I, for one, have been catapulted into all sorts of newness by the beginning of 2015. In the last week, I have moved ten hours further north and started a new job. I am both freezing and excited and half the time can't tell which feeling is prompting the shaking. But since the shaking is happening, regardless of the reason, I figure I might as well just go full out and dance.

To that end, I offer you five of my favorite "new beginning" songs. Some involve saying hello, some goodbye - but they all either make sing along or get my feet tapping, sometimes both.

Children Will Listen (from Into the Woods)

This probably would have made the list even if I hadn't just seen the movie.
Since I have - and have listened to the Broadway soundtrack recently - it's
likely that I will never again not have this song in my head. 

Uncharted (Sara Bareilles)

The Morning Comes (Delta Rae)

The Parting Glass (Irish/Scottish Traditional Song)

The New World (from Songs for a New World)

If you have any to add, let's see them in the comments! I want to know what newness you guys having coming up this year.