Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not-So-Guilty Pleasures: The Liz Fichera Edition

Welcome to this week's installment of Not-So-Guilty Pleasures! (cue flashing lights and theme song you're guaranteed to both hate and be humming for the rest of eternity)

Liz Fichera, come on down!

Some of you may remember Ms. Fichera from the post she inspired here about a month ago. Well, today she's here to spill her guts. So, without further ado, I'm getting out of the way.

Guilty Pleasures: Only 5?!

For me, choosing only five guilty pleasures was as difficult as choosing between milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  So rather than list pages and pleasures of the little darlings, I decided to categorize them. 

Without further ado, here are mine:

1. Food.  When I’m in the middle of a writing deadline, I have first-hand experience that a girl can exist on cheese pizza and dark chocolate with sea salt, although your hips probably wouldn’t appreciate it longer than a few days.  When I want to indulge in a food guilty pleasure, I reach for these comfort foods, with macaroni and cheese coming in as a close second. 

2. Television. This is embarrassing.  But I am addicted to the Housewives of the OC, NJ, and NYC shows.  I know.  These shows are train wrecks of epic proportions and I blame my sister for this error in my television judgment.  But I can’t believe these women walk the earth.  Seriously. 

3. Movies.  I adore watching old westerns and campy black and white horror flicks on rainy Saturday afternoons.  Since I live in the desert, this does not happen very often. 

4. Books. I read across genres and usually read at least two books a week.  I can’t get enough of realistic contemporary YA at the moment.  More, please!

5. Spa Treatments. If I could afford it, I would hire a full-time masseuse.  There is nothing better than an hour-long neck and back massage, maybe except for that dark chocolate with sea salt that I mentioned above…


Liz Fichera is an author living in the American Southwest.  She likes to write stories about ordinary teens that do extraordinary things.  Her debut young adult novel Hooked releases from HarlequinTEEN in January of 2013.  You can connect with her at

*Hey Liz! Just wanted to butt in for a minute to say that I'm completely with you regarding number five. If it wasn't for our lack of geographical proximity, I'd totally be willing to go half-sies.


  1. Dark chocolate with sea salt is something I've never tried nor heard of. Two books a week! That's very speedy by my standards. That comes out to about 10 times as many books as I read.

    A Faraway View