Friday, March 2, 2012

Bad Movies/Good Party Themes: Shag Indoor Beach Party

It is officially the first Friday of the month, which means it’s time for some party themes.

(Once again, for my disclaimer: While I am referring to these movies as “bad,” I love every one of them. The title of this should really be “Movies That Never Got the Critical Acclaim They So Rightfully Deserved/Good Party Themes.” But that’s really long.)

We’re getting closer to spring. We’ve even had a few warm days. But all that means to me is that the colder days seem worse. So, if you’re getting impatient waiting for the summer sun, this theme might help you out. Because nothing squelches the winter blues like an indoor beach party.

Like last month’s, this theme also made its way on to the stage in college. We were in finals season and all needed a break before we started throwing books at the walls (or each other). So, naturally, we planned a late night dorm room beach party.

As we already knew, no party was complete without a cinematic offering. We found ourselves unsatisfied with our combined movie collection, so a few of us ventured out to rectify the problem. At first we were looking to rent, but nothing was jumping out at us.

Then, in Best Buy, it happened.

There, just sitting on the shelves, waiting for us, was Shag: The Movie. We knew immediately that this was the one. None of us had ever seen it, but it was a movie that had “The Movie” in the title. We were sold.

Needless to say, the evening was what magic is made of.

Crackerjack dialogue to look forward to:

“If I’m not engaged by the time I’m twenty, I’m gonna kill myself.”
“Well, don’t play hard to get. You might miss something.”
“It’s bad manners to think about winning!”

Tag line: “On a summer weekend in 1963, four girlfriends made memories that would last a lifetime.”

For a Shag: The Movie Indoor Beach Party of your very own, here’s what you need:

- Shag: The Movie (1989)
- Towels to sit on (better if you can acquire ones that have fun cartoon characters or superheroes adorning them)
- Beach wear
- Suntan lotion (don’t go crazy and waste all of it, just a little bit on everyone’s hands so they get to experience that great sticky feeling that accompanies every beach trip and the room has that sweet Coppertone scent)
- Snacks: chips, cookies, cut up fruit in little plastic baggies, sandwiches (get realistic and add a little bit of sand to these bad boys), watered down ice tea or lemonade or both out of a cooler, etc.
- A volunteer to walk around the room every half hour or so yelling about the sale of ice cream and water (make sure this individual has ice cream to give out to people or you’re just going to make enemies)
- Heat cranked up as high as possible (you want to feel as though the sun is in the room with you)
- Second volunteer to spritz people in the face with salted water when the heat starts getting to them
- Group of winter weary and/or beach-loving and/or nostalgic for the ‘60s individuals (bonus if they also have always harbored the secret desire to learn how to do the Shag)

Have a great weekend!

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