Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not-So-Guilty Pleasures: The Emma Trevayne Edition

What goes better with N than Not-So-Guilty Pleasures? Exactly. Nothing. So, welcome to this special Tuesday edition of our favorite segment.

Today’s guest is Emma Trevayne. Her first novel, Coda is a YA sci-fi novel (it sounds awesome, by the way), which will be released on May 7th, 2013. So soon!

But, before we get to that exciting date, first we’re going to get to know Ms. Trevayne a little bit better.


I feel like I should say that I'm not particularly guilty about my pleasures. Love what you love, I say. But the following is a list I probably should feel guilty about and don't:
5. Heist movies. Bad ones, good ones, doesn't matter. Fast Five, Ocean's Eleven, The Italian Job. Love them. Bonus points for said movies containing explosions and terrible dialogue. More bonus points for fast cars.
4. Shoes. Really pretty shoes and, unfortunately, expensive shoes. I try to limit my guilt over this particular habit by only buying them for myself as rewards for major successes, but still, they are a "guilty" pleasure. For me there's a feeling that comes from wearing snazzy shoes that I don't get from anything else. So if you see me at a conference or something, I'm the girl with the crazy footwear! Say hi!
3. Chocolate. Isn't this everyone's? But I'm a writer, and most of us think chocolate is a food group, which is...not wrong. M&Ms are like a little reward for each paragra-- I mean page. Chapter. I mean chapter. That's it.
2. Twitter. Okay, this actually IS one I sometimes feel a little guilty about, because it's so easy to play on Twitter and not be doing actual work, like writing books and answering emails about those books from people who need answers, like agents and editors and publicists. But twitter is fun, and if you trace all the way back through my journey to publication, Twitter is kind of how I got an agent. So I don't feel too guilty. Just a little.
1. I just asked my best friend what I should put for number one, and she said, "Tattoos or cheese fries,” because she knows me. Both are kind of an addiction at this point, and one is permanent and one is delicious. If I had to choose, I probably feel guiltier about the cheese fries, though.


http://emmatrevayne.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/codacover.jpgI don’t know about all of you, but I am 100% in concurrence with the love of cheese fries.

And I can practically hear you clamoring for more information. Being a benevolent sort, I shall point you in the right direction:

Thanks so much to Emma for stopping by!

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