Thursday, December 6, 2012

Not-So-Guilty Pleasures: The Seanan McGuire Edition

Happy Thursday folks! It's that great day when you know the bulk of the work week is behind you and the Friday anticipation has started a-buildin'. To amp up your excitement even further, I've got the next segment of Not-So-Guilty Pleasures!

Today we welcome Seanan McGuire, author of the fantastic October Daye series (seriously, check them out if you haven't already. Worlds of awesome).

Here's what she had to say about guilty pleasures:

I have no regrets! 

Okay, so that's not true, but about the things that make me happy? NO REGRETS. There isn't time for regrets. Regrets would take energy away from more important stuff, like doing the things that make me happy and then not regretting the fact that I have done them. But here are some of the more wildly silly things that make me happy.  

5. Watching really craptacularly bad horror movies on the SyFy channel while drinking enough port that I start thinking that they're actually good. You know the ones I mean. They have names like Dragonwasps or Sharktopus or Megapython vs. Titanoboa, and the acting is so bad that you could have done better in third grade, and the CGI is okay except that they can't actually decide on a size for their monsters so one minute the wasps can carry off a full-grown adult man and the next minute the wasps can squeeze into a human adult's ear canal (to pick a non-specific example). I love them I love them they have zero redeeming value it's like eating a can of cinematic frosting that may or may not contain chunks of ground beef I love them.  

4. Monster High dolls. I am a grown woman. I write well-regarded science fiction novels that have been published on multiple continents, in multiple languages. People ask me to come and speak on the practical logistics of surviving a zombie apocalypse. I own every Monster High doll every made, all the accessories, and all the play sets. And they are out of their boxes. And I play with them. And this is not the extent of my toy collection. Because honestly, if I can't be the writer I wanted to be when I was twelve, what's the point?  

3. Diet Dr Pepper. I am a very very very very very brand-loyal girl, and I am most loyal to Diet Dr Pepper, the nectar of the gods, the drink of champions. You don't want to know how much I drink. Know only that were we to spend a day together, you would probably see me go through the better part of a twelve-pack, all while singing the praises to the bubbly brown sweetness. There is nothing in this world that cannot be improved by the application of sufficient Diet Dr Pepper. Nothing.  

2. Maine Coon cats. So most cats, like, normal cats, they're between six and twelve pounds, and they're pretty chill, and they probably won't, say, figure out how plumbing works and start flushing things down the front hall toilet to express their displeasure with the life choices of their humans. And then there is the Maine Coon. These are the largest domestic breed of cat. I call them "bonsai yeti," and anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating has never met a Maine Coon. My female, Alice, has a skull the size of a human toddler's. My male, Thomas, is long enough that he can stand on his hind legs, put his front paws on the counter, and have a good look around. They're enormous squishy throw pillow cats who just want to hang out and snuggle and be chill, and I have honestly never known better felines in my life. I have seen the dark side of the force, and it is fluffy.  

1. Visiting Disney Parks, yes, all of them, what do you mean, I was just there? IT IS ALWAYS DISNEY O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE, AND I WANT TO GO. So I am a Disney Park fanatic. Disney World is paradoxically my "home" Park, even though I'm closest to Disneyland, and I'm working on a four-year plan for visiting all the Parks, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Paris. There is almost nothing that I don't feel can be improved by the addition of some Disney. If some Disney doesn't do it, try a great deal of Disney. I started 2012 at Disney World, I'm finishing it at Disneyland, and as I said before, I have no regrets.

It's a small world, after all.

I'm guessing now you'd like to know more about Ms. McGuire? Who wouldn't? Diet Dr. Pepper lovers are always the best people. So, check her out at her website ( or on Twitter (@seananmcguire)

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