Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's Coming...

This past Monday was the reveal of the 2016 Writers For Hope auction items and I'm still reeling.

There are NINETY-SIX. And if you're reading that as me yelling, you are correct. Because...NINETY-SIX!

Fifty work critiques, forty book prizes (some including more than one books), and six items for those of you in the market for more bookish accessories (and, seriously, who isn't in that market?).

On the day of the auction - Monday, April 4 - bidding will begin at 12:00 AM and will run only 24 hours, until 11:59:59 PM. Go into the comments section of each individual item to make your bid - with every item starting at $10, the cost for RAINN to keep the Sexual Assault Hotlines going for one person.

Want more information on how the auction works? Click here!

Want to know where your money is going? Head over this way!!

Want me to be using less exclamation points? I suggest you check back in May. Because I am far too excited about this year's auction to exercise even a little bit of self control when it comes to my punctuation.

I highly recommend you start strategizing your bidding plan. And, while you're doing that, I'll just be over here dancing.

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