Friday, September 13, 2013

Thirteen Books of Awesome

A lot of things freaked me out as a kid. The thought that the Wicked Witch's guards were going to come for me in the night. That my sister was going to be eaten by monsters because she didn't sleep with blankets on. My inability to eat anything without burning my mouth. Law & Order's transitional "bump bum." Bugs of any kind. 

But never the number thirteen. 

You know why? Books. 

So many awesome series had a thirteenth book. More than enough proof that it was a worthwhile number. At least in my mind. 

In the hopes that it will be enough for you all as well, I offer the following list of favorites in order of my level of deep and abiding love:

13. The Mark on the Door (Hardy Boys)

12. Kidnapped! (Sweet Valley High)

11. The Case of the Soccer Camp Mystery (Clue Jr.)

10. The Bobbsey Twins in the Great West (Bobbsey Twins)

9. The Mystery of the Ivory Charm (Nancy Drew)

8. Snowbound Mystery (Boxcar Children)

7. The Case of the Midnight Visitor (Encyclopedia Brown)

6. Amelia Bedelia Under Construction

5. Piano Lessons Can Be Murder (Goosebumps)

4. The Abominibal Snowman (Choose Your Own Adventure)

3. The Computer Teacher From the Black Lagoon

2. Goodbye Stacey, Goodbye (Babysitters Club)

1. The Change (Animorphs)

I still remember exactly where I was sitting when I got to K.A. Applegate's thirteenth ending. Man, I love Tobias' story. 

In conclusion, thirteen is an awesome number. But if today hasn't been going your way, may I suggest one of the above titles? Crack open a book and have yourself a little kid night.* 

It'll turn your day around and start the weekend off right. 

* Best when paired with macaroni & cheese and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. 


  1. I haven't ever read any of those, but the Boxcar children. It looks like a great list though and I think I will have to go and find a couple because I LOVE kid books!

    You know, your fear for your sister was well founded. It is common knowledge that blankets keep off the monsters. Sleeping without them is dangerous.

    1. Kids books are fantastic. =)

      And I don't know what my sister was thinking. I tried to explain the situation to her over and over again, but she just kept kicking those blankets off.