Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Garage Sale Win

This past weekend my town had its annual garage sale. Once a year, people drag all the stuff that they're looking to get rid of down to the town park and set up stands. It's the usual mix of things nobody wants and hidden treasures.

I didn't head down until the late afternoon, at which point most of the hidden treasures had already been found by those who braved the park in the morning hours. But I did not leave empty handed. In fact, I found out that arriving late has its benefits.

I, as I am wont to do, gravitated toward stands selling books. One table in particular was laden with boxes of them. All clearly well loved. They were being sold for three books for a dollar. A deal in which I was more than happy to partake. I decided to splurge and spend a whole two dollars for six of them. The very nice woman selling these was getting ready to close up shop and I think the idea of trucking all of her books back home was a bit daunting.

And that's how I ended up walking away with a box of thirty one books for my two bucks.

When I went to pay, she insisted that I take one of the boxes off her hand. As I'm sure you can tell, it takes some real arm twisting to get me to go home with more books than planned. Basically, I thanked her for taking care of my fall reading, grabbed the box and ran away laughing maniacally.

I didn't go through my box of awesome until I got back home. I will admit, four of the books were duplicates (the extras will be dropped off at the library), but that does leave me with twenty seven books I've not year read. Averaging out at around seven cents a book, I'm still calling it a win.

No complaints here.

The moral of my ramblings, if you're looking to score some inexpensive reads, go to garage sales late. No one but crazed book lovers wants to cart anything heavy home. And therein lies the secret of our success.

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