Thursday, March 13, 2014

Drafting Bucket Lists

Hello, all! 

I am elbows deep in the drafting process and my mischievous little mind grapes have decided to start throwing me ideas for other stories. So, basically I'm constantly walking around with three notebooks - one for the story I'm actually drafting and the other two to catch the random ideas that pop up for the other two that my brain is suddenly so enthusiastic about. Damn overachieving gray matter. 

Yesterday morning it actually had the audacity to throw something else in the mix, but I shut that nonsense right down. Three notebooks is ridiculous enough. If I carry around four, I'm honor bound to do it in a backpack with hearts drawn in White Out on the straps - you know,  eighth grade style. Okay, maybe high school sophomore. 

Fine, I still have it in my closet. But that doesn't mean I want to take it from place to place with me every day. 

So, streamlining. Three notebooks and no more!

Hence, I've been working on narrowing my focus back on to the story I'm actively drafting. I decided to play a game and started writing up bucket lists for all the main characters. Most of these goals will probably never make it in to the story, but it's definitely helpful in getting to know these people better. Which in turn makes it easier to write about them. 

Thought I'd share what I have so far for character número uno. She's a sixteen-year-old who is just trying to clean up an epic mess she never meant to cause and see her family again. 

Get her family back
Have at least ten minutes entirely alone
Not have any more secrets
Actually stop caring about people calling her crazy (instead of just saying she doesn't)
See the Northern Lights
Get her license
Drive cross country
Learn to swim
Visit the Cliffs of Moher
Meet a mermaid
Smash a pie in someone's face (maybe a specific someone)
Learn to cut her own bangs without looking like a freak show 
Become a Private Investigator

There are no doubt other things she wants to do, but this is all she's shared thus far. What do you think?

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