Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The 2nd Annual Writers For Hope Online Auction

*Cuts big red virtual ribbon*


You have from now until 11:59:59 tonight to bid to your heart's content. No bids from before 12:00am, or after 11:59pm, on the 1st will be considered. Just twenty four hours to try to win the prize(s) you most desire and contribute to RAINN!

If you want to use the master list to find the items you're interested in, please check out the previous post or the menu directly to the right.

Please place your bids in the comment section of the specific item you're bidding on, not in any of the information posts. All bidding starts at $10 (remember every ten spot translates into one survivor getting the support they need)!

Also, if you're not a writer or just not ready for a critique yet but want to donate any amount whatsoever to a truly wonderful organization, you can do so here at any point. Or, hey, maybe today is one of those amazing days where you put on your pants and find $5 in the pocket that you totally forgot about and now you're at a loss as to what to do with it. I'm happy to tell you, we totally accept magic pants money here.

Even before any bids are in, let me say thank you. That so many of you have retweeted information regarding this auction or spread the word in other ways is so extremely appreciated. And I'm not sure the words exist to properly express my gratitude to all of today's donors. I just hope that you all have as much fun with the auction as I have had working with them.

If you find yourself with any questions throughout the day, feel free to leave them in comments or tweet them to me. And check out #WritersForHope for auction updates and to meet other great writers like yourself.

Now, go bid, you silly geese! I'll just be over here, mainlining Dr. Pepper.

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