Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lacing Up the Ol' Traveling Shoes

This weekend begins my travels. Please excuse me while I run down the street screaming and then vomit in excitement. 

*Moments pass*

Okay, that's all taken care of. 

So, I'm heading out. Which sadly means that my presence here is going to be limited. Particularly for the rest of this month, seeing as my internet access is going to be spotty. Well, that and I'm going to be real busy trying to befriend a whole passel of kangaroos. I'm assuming they run in passels, cause why not? If I was a kangaroo, I'd run in a passel. 

Then there's all the reading that needs to be done. I just downloaded a bunch of books. Had to wait until the week that I was leaving, because, let's face it. Had I gotten them any earlier, I would have read them already, thus defeating their purpose of being travel reading and illustrating my utter lack of will power. 

I'll be posting a bit more frequently during the rest of the summer, but I'll really be getting back to normal in the fall. 

Hope that all your summers are completely awesome and I look forward to catching up with all of you in June!

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