Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New Whole Bucket of Things

Happy 2015 everyone!

I haven't quite wrapped my head around the new year yet. Even knowing that's what this post was going to be about, I still wrote "2014" in that greeting the first time around. It gets me every damn time.

Hope everyone's celebrations were wonderful. I, for one, have been catapulted into all sorts of newness by the beginning of 2015. In the last week, I have moved ten hours further north and started a new job. I am both freezing and excited and half the time can't tell which feeling is prompting the shaking. But since the shaking is happening, regardless of the reason, I figure I might as well just go full out and dance.

To that end, I offer you five of my favorite "new beginning" songs. Some involve saying hello, some goodbye - but they all either make sing along or get my feet tapping, sometimes both.

Children Will Listen (from Into the Woods)

This probably would have made the list even if I hadn't just seen the movie.
Since I have - and have listened to the Broadway soundtrack recently - it's
likely that I will never again not have this song in my head. 

Uncharted (Sara Bareilles)

The Morning Comes (Delta Rae)

The Parting Glass (Irish/Scottish Traditional Song)

The New World (from Songs for a New World)

If you have any to add, let's see them in the comments! I want to know what newness you guys having coming up this year.