Friday, January 30, 2015

The Great Return

My time in limbo is coming to a close! My new apartment is ready as of this weekend, which means no more temporary housing. I've been staying in a lovely place, but I'm definitely ready to stop living out of a suitcase.

But not even having my own space again can compete with the real glory of this coming week, because...I'm getting my books back! *cartwheels down the street, flipping into a snow bank to make the mother of all snow angels*

With all of my traveling, the bulk of my worldly goods have been in storage for almost two years. And the bulk of my worldly goods are, of course, books - much to the dismay of any kind-hearted person who has ever offered to help me move.

To say I'm excited to be in the same room as my tomes again seems both unnecessary and insufficient - BUT I CAN'T HELP MYSELF.

I have undoubtedly fallen in love with my eReader over the last couple years of motion. It's an amazing invention and, also, a dangerous one. The temptation to buy a new book, regardless of how many new books I already have, has always been overwhelming. But once I used to have to put on real pants, get in a car and get myself to a book store. Now, I only have to hit a button. So, whereas 50% of my income used to go towards books, now it's been raised to about 99%. Because I have found that the opportunity to simply hit a button erases all memory of from where the money for said buttoned thing is coming.

So, eReader = awesome + bank-account-draining. Naturally, I love it.

But, I have missed my hard covers and paperbacks - my very first loves. And they are now returning to me. I have already allocated a room in my new place to be their new home and while not everyone will understand the thrill of setting up one's home library, I'm pretty sure all of you reading this can.

Tomorrow shall be spent on the wondrous task of putting together all my new bookcases. My apartment must be ready for the glorious book arrival of Sunday. Whatever else is floating around in those boxes will just have to wait. Thankfully, I know I'll be able to find the books easily. After all, they were packed by Stage 3.

When all the books have been safely tucked away, ready yourself for some pictures as I play that age-old storage game: "I Forgot All About This Exciting Thing!!/Why Did I Ever Think This Was Worth Saving??"

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