Friday, June 7, 2013

Traveling Tunes: Australia

Back in April, I started off my traveling soundtrack. After my time spent down under, I'm ready to add some  more songs to this list.

Now, whereas the first grouping didn't need much explanation, I feel like these might warrant a sentence or two.

To begin with, who doesn't feel like this when they're on vacation?

Plus, all the times that she sings "I'm flying" is really reminiscent of the thirty odd hours I spent in a plane.

We saw Shakespeare's Henry IV at the Opera House. The play was quite cool and the Opera House itself was stunning. The problem was that there were posters for it all over the city. And every time we saw them, the Roomie just couldn't help but start singing about another Henry.

It's like The Song that Never Ends. At least when the Roomie sings it. Because it's not just the second verse that's the same as the first, but the third....seventh....twenty-sixth....

Also, I actually attended a sporting event - a rugby game between the Rabitohs and the Cowboys. Now, we were rooting for the Rabitohs because that's who my friends told us to root for, but let's face it, I would have rooted for them anyway. Much cooler name. Anyway, I have to include this song because I have been properly programmed by sports movies to believe that it is not a true athletic event if there isn't any Queen on in the background.

I managed to stop myself from yelling "Quack...quack...quack!" whenever people would start chanting. Instead I'd just yell "Rugby!" And occasionally "Scrum!" That's a rugby thing, right?

We were in the country for Mother's Day and there were lots of commercials for different gifts folks could be getting their moms. One of them was about music and the main song they played (including clips from the video) in the background was the following:

And the voice over would say, "Just like Michael Buble says, Mother's Day is a beautiful day!" Now, I could be wrong, but I don't think that's exactly what he was singing about. Maybe I missed some nuances?

This following song is by an Australian artist my friends introduced me to during my visit. There's some language in here that's not quite kid-appropriate, but I'd say the message it fairly universal. After all, aren't we all wondering where in all of hell are the hoverboards we were promised??

Science, you did let me down. But I'm here to tell you, I will totally forgive and forget if you would just give me a flying car. Preferably a hatchback.

All right, that wraps up this segment, but I'll be adding in songs from my time at location one in Ireland next week.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I still miss Freddie Mercury. Have fun in Ireland!