Thursday, June 20, 2013

Traveling Tunes: Ireland

Good morning, folks! Well, it's actually afternoon for me. And it's night in Australia....

So, maybe I should just stick with "Hey there!"

I am still knocking around the Emerald Isle, song in my heart as I go. Thought it only right to share some of them with you. And, so, my traveling soundtrack grows...

To begin with, I must include some musicians who I've actually seen in person:

I mean, the music is beautiful enough. But add in the balancing act? That's just impressive.

Try to listen to this next song without at least tapping your foot.

If you managed it, you've much more will power than I.

This trip is my first time hearing this next song.

Absolutely beautiful and also, nice to know that the love of Elvis spans oceans.

I would be remiss in this list if I didn't include at least one song in Irish.

If you're interested in a translation, check it out here!

To tie things up, here's another tune that, if you're anything like me, is going to get you clapping before you realize it.

And, now, I must go and learn to play a tin whistle or bodhran or fiddle or something.....


  1. Sounds like you're have a lot of fun. Finding new music is one of the fun things about travel. Stay safe!

  2. Oh, I am very envious *smirk* It must be SO much fun to be able to listen to the music in its national country!