Friday, February 13, 2015

In Which I Get to Happily Annoy My Heroine

Sometimes one needs a break from endless unpacking. Or, at the very least, sometimes someone named Kelly needs a break from endless unpacking.

Which makes it quite fortuitous that I'm at my absolutely favorite stage of writing a book. Revising. Sweet baby monkeys, I do love revising.

None of that dull panic that goes hand in hand with a blank page. Instead what lays before me are pages full of words that I can make better. It's like I'm a superhero, flying through the world of my creation zapping out villains like the overuse of the word "just." Filling up plot holes before the characters can trip into them. Providing stirring, inspirational speeches to my heroine when instead of taking action, I find her sitting on the couch, watching TV.

That last one was one of my more recent catches. I'm reading through - red pen at the ready - and find a scene as the climax of the story approaches, where my heroine is vegging out. I can no longer speak to the mindset of past Kelly that thought this was the point in the story that everyone should put their feet up and wait for the plot to unfold around them, but I can only assume that past Kelly really wanted to take a nacho break - or maybe to stop for pizza - regardless, I'm sure that some sort of carb covered in some sort of cheese was the real culprit here.

Thankfully, present Kelly's stomach was full during these revisions, and therefore saw that this was an insane story choice. Now, maybe my heroine really did need a break. First off, too bad. She can't have one, not until the end of the story and maybe not even then. Secondly, even if she did manage to sneak a quick rest past me, who wants to read about that? Not me. I'd much rather see her actually go out and get answers, rather than waiting for them to show up magically in her lap.

Ah, the beauty of revisions. Offering me the opportunity to be a greater pain in the ass to my characters. It's a wonderful thing.

And when that inevitable time rolls around where I need a break from both unpacking and revisions. Well, that's why the dance break was invented.

Now, break out your dancing shoes....and, all together now!

You're welcome.

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