Friday, February 27, 2015


Hello again! I have returned, with many fun things to report.

Next week I'll be beginning donor introductions. It's going to be exciting - there are so many amazing (and generous) folks! A bunch of our beloved donors from last year's auction, as well as many new faces. It's been absolutely amazing receiving emails from people saying that they heard about the auction from someone else and would love to donate something. My inbox right now is a constant stream of proof that book people are phenomenal people.

If you're looking for updates on Twitter over the next month, check out #WritersForHope. And if you're interested in talking about the auction, please use that hashtag as well! The more people participating in the auction on April 1st, the more sexual assault survivors we can support.

April 1st is going to be here in no time, I'm sure. But there's no reason for us not to have some pre-auction fun. To that end, I've added a new component to this year's event - t-shirts!

I don't know about you, but pair either one of these with some cozy sweats and you've pretty much got my writing uniform. With options for both writers and book lovers, they'll be on sale through Tfund for the next month - which means you'll be able to buy yours up until the Sunday before the auction. Proceeds from these t-shirts will also be going to RAINN.

And again, for any super-cool people who want to donate to RAINN, but not participate in the auction, you can do so at any time through my RAINNmaker page.

All right, now be gone with you! Go have a wonderful weekend.

And then check back in for the start of DONORMANIA next Wednesday!

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