Monday, November 26, 2012

A Festive Warning

So, I’m a fan of the holidays.

If you listen really closely, somewhere in the distance, you can hear the Roomie guffawing at that understatement. But despite my stating it in a slightly saner way here than I might to her, the point stands.

I enjoy the festivities. Getting together with the family. Lights and decorations. Breaking out my old picture books. Watching holiday movies, be they classic, cheesy or both. Dancing around the apartment to old standards whilst wearing a comically tiny red top hat and sipping hot chocolate with both marshmallows and whipped cream. 'Cause that's just how I roll. And because tiny top hats are always funny.

From Thanksgiving through the first of the New Year, I’m excited. My mother has said that she can tell when Christmas is getting closer because I talk more and breathe a little less.

And then, of course, there’s the joy of finding the perfect present for someone you love. After I passed out on my sister’s couch this weekend, belly bloated with turkey and pie, I started thinking about what the most perfect gift I ever gave was. It took me about two seconds to come up with it.

I still remember the feeling. I was probably about nine years old and I knew it – in my gut – that I had gotten my sister the gift to put all other gifts to shame. I don’t remember what I got anyone else that year, but this token of perfection can be recalled immediately. I was over the moon about this and spent quite a while painstakingly wrapping it – the entirety of A Charlie Brown Christmas, if I remember correctly (though this is probably more a reflection on my poor wrapping skills than on my dedication). I wanted to tell her right then what it was, because I had never been that good at keeping secrets. But I held strong. And when she opened it on Christmas morning, I knew I had gotten it right.

Of course, who wouldn’t want a set of stationary with pictures of cupcakes all over it and envelopes to match?

The reason I’m telling you any of this nonsense, is that I wanted to warn you that my mildly manic cheer may occasionally spill over into the blog during the next month or so. It seemed only fair to give you a heads up.

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

And now I must go check the Christmas list I made. Probably twice. Though I don’t think anything will ever top that cupcake paper.

Tonight’s Christmas Viewing:

  • Die Hard
  • “Chuck Versus the Crown Vic” (Chuck)
  • “Gemini” (Smallville)


  1. It is the holidays, we should be allowed to jump about and start celebrating a month early! (I love this time of year...if only it would start snowing here. The sun is completely spoiling the mood.)

    1. I too would love some snow. Sure, come January I'll be cursing the icy roads, but now it would just be lovely.

      In the meantime, I'm thinking about pulling the stuffing out of pillows to at least add to the ambiance. Just don't let on to the Roomie, as I'm planning on using her pillows. ;)