Friday, November 9, 2012

You like that movie? I like that movie! Let's be friends forever!

I had one of those awesome moments last night at rehearsal where I found out someone else loved the same dumb movie I do.

You know what I’m talking about? You have a movie that you absolutely love, but no one else ever seems to know anything about it. So, you don’t bring it up with people because why would you reference something that has just earned you blank stares in the past?

But you and your closest friends hold it tightly to your bosom always. You wonder, whenever you watch it, how more people don’t know about this funny little gem. You quote lines from it to your friends that no one else will ever get.

And sometimes, when you’re out in the world something happens that is so reminiscent of the story that you just have to turn to the person next to you and say, “Have you ever seen <insert movie title here>?” even though you know the answer is going to be no. You’re fully prepared to just smile and go back to what you’re doing, keeping the moment in the back of your head so you can tell your friends about it later. They’ll get it.

But then the person next to you says, “Yes! I love that movie.” And references the exact moment you were thinking of.

*Cue ethereal music and the two of us running through a field of flowers certain of eternal friendship*

There are two movies that I get particularly disproportionally excited if I find out someone else likes them too. Both of them are totally ridiculous and contain a lot of over the top humor. Neither are ever going to be winning any awards, but they will keep me laughing each time I see them.

Get Over It

I particularly recommend this one if you ever did any theater in high school.

Fired Up

I support any movie, no matter how ridiculous, that contains the line, “Chumbawumba. Soundtrack to my life.”

If you’ve never seen either of these movies before and are looking for something silly to do this weekend, check them out. Also, leave the movies that make you so-excited-it’s-a-little-embarrassing below. I’m always looking for recommendations.

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