Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dance Break

Thursday is always one of the hardest days, in my opinion. It is just….so…..close….to being Friday. But it’s not and that’s a bummer. I have, however, found something fool proof to get me through the final push of the week.

The dance break.

Now, to be clear, you do not need any actual dancing talent for this mental getaway. For while I do love dancing, I am not particularly rhythmically blessed. What I do bring to the table is raw enthusiasm and willingness to look like a total idiot. And that, my friends, in something I truly believe we can all find inside.

So, pick a place – be it your office, a vacant bathroom stall, a parking lot, a hallway (empty or otherwise) – and a favorite tune and go to town. I promise that in the span of one song, you will find the energy needed to finish out the work week. And if someone happens upon your little dance party, invite them to join in. If they don’t? Know that in their heart of hearts, they wish they did.

At least that’s what I tell myself.

Now, to get you started, here are five pick-me-up songs from my favorites list:

 Come one, who doesn't wish they could have been part
of Motown group?

I just wish I could dance as acrobatically as all these folks.

This one is almost pathological. I can't not dance when I hear it.
In fact, I'm dancing right now, just thinking about it.

Hello, my childhood. 

 It starts off with some simple foot tapping.
Next thing I know, I'm skipping around the room.

No matter what, know that you’re not alone in your doldrums relief.

I’m already dancing.


  1. Love this post and this idea! And now I have the Footloose song in my head... :)

    1. Which pretty much means you're only seconds away from dancing. Because, seriously, how can you not to that song?

  2. love it! may very well have to make in an integral part of my work week. dance break thursdays :)

  3. And here's me thinking of a Daily Dance break! Great idea! Thanks!

    Jemima at Jemima's blog

    1. Absolutely! Dancing every day? You won't even notice you're at work!

  4. Everyone needs a dance break. Just being able to move to music (whether it be physically or in your mind) is a welcome retreat. I love to dance. I suck at dancing, but just turning on the music and moving makes me feel better.

  5. Would it spoil it if it was compulsory??? Yes, dancing right now and thanks for the music....

  6. I love dance breaks. We regularly have dance parties at our house. Great mood lifter. But I claim ignorance when people wonder where my kids picked up goofy dance moves... I'm definitely not rhythmically blessed either. ;)

  7. Great post! A dance break makes you feel happy and care free for that moment! Hopefully no one is watching. LOL

    Jana @ A Novel Reality