Monday, April 8, 2013

Gorgons, Gargoyles and Griffins.....Oh My!

I had a really hard time coming up with a G topic. Mostly because there were too many options. So, finally, I just decided…what the hell, talk about them all. see, I found that a whole slew of my favorite fantasy creatures start with the letter G. 

I’ve always been a fan of the Gorgons, ever since my father started calling me Medusa when I was a kid and would put my hair in dozens of little braids so that it would be crimpy when I took them out (thank you 1990s childhood). And I’m going to be completely honest with you here, I was always rooting for her to win out over Perseus. Dude comes to her home with his sole intention being to kill her and she’s the bad guy? Team Medusa all the way.

And who doesn’t love gremlins? Whether they enter your home as an occupant of one of your appliances or you pick one up in an antique store, these little pranksters are a sure fire guarantee that you’re not going to have a boring night.

A girallon is basically just a big gorilla, with one slight difference. These guys have four arms. FOUR ARMS. Sure, Planet of the Apes was scary, but if it had been Planet of the Girallons? Tell me that wouldn’t have made you cry a little.

By Beau from Houston, TX
Now if I had to transform into one fantasy creature, I'd go gargoyle. I mean, come on, how kick-ass are they? They’re made of stone, but can fly. Gotta love that kind of contradiction. They’re ugly to the point of being cute. And they ward off evil spirits. Sign me up.

As to my dream pet, it's a Griffin. Head and wings of an eagle, body of a lion, tail of a scorpion, and some talons for good measure. Your cocker spaniel doesn’t stand a chance. Plus, good bye gridlock. Being flown to work would totally give me the extra five minutes of sleeping time I'm always looking for.

Then there are gulons, giants, genies, gnomes, goblins, the Garuda, ghosts, and ghouls. Just to name a few.

The letter G is the doorway to a fantasy wonderland. Of which of these greats would you want to be a guest?


  1. I've never heard of a girallon - and now I wish I hadn't! That sounds like one scary dude. And a whole planet of them?! No thanks! :)

  2. griffin all the way! long before i read the harry potter series and declared myself a gryffindor, even before i fell in love with the world of mythology. i remember seeing one on an entryway and being entranced by it. i asked my aunt what it was. even the word griffin sounded magical to me i rolled it around on my tongue for a couple of weeks until my mom got sick of hearing it and took me to the library on the whim that if i read about them i'd get it out of my system. to her dismay it opened up a whole world of cryptozoology every new animal like a dream come to life! it was fantastic!

  3. Now I think I want a griffin for an imaginary pet too!

  4. Oh yea, give me a Griffin too please. One big enough to fly on. Oh wait... maybe a gnome, they are so stinkin' cute.
    A to Z buddy
    Peanut Butter and Whine