Friday, April 12, 2013


I have a confession to make.

I’m a knickknack person.

You know, someone who likes buying cute little things that serve no real purpose other than to look festive?

That’s me. And generally, I’m happy with this life choice. Except when I’m getting ready to move. Then I battle the sudden urge to BREAK ALL THE THINGS.

Each time I move, I go through the same thought process:  
This next place is going to be different. I will not, I repeat: WILL NOT, be such a slave to my sense of aesthetic presentation. I feel like I’m living in a Tennessee Williams’ play with all these little glass creatures. Too many!

*The sound of tinkling glass whilst I am crushed under the weight of tiny figurines.*

Of course, declarations such as this are similar to when the fall rolls around and I decide I’m going to ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS. It lasts a couple of weeks and then I’m back to “filing” my papers on the top of my dresser in between my Quidditch goggles and the gorilla head made out of a towel.

It’s really no use, you see. As much as I hate having to pack them up, I love the little touches bizarre knickknacks give a home. The Lego Captain America on the TV stand, the Wizard of Oz thimbles in the hanging display cube, the magnifying glass/letter opener set on the sideboard – they make the place my own.

So, if I’m being honest with myself and all of you lovely folk, I am always going to be a knickknack person. Even if it makes moving more annoying. Even if it means that every time I pack up, I will, without fail, find something that’s origins are a complete mystery to me.

Never been opened. No recollection of purchasing or being given this. Where did it come from??

Is that you, Knickknack fairy?


  1. I have gotten much better at picking and choosing and keeping knickknacks over the years. Sometimes I keep them for sentimental value, sometimes just because I like the color or texture or shape of it - like a funky orange vase or a green plate. Of course, the less "stuff" you have, the less there is to dust... :)

  2. I wouldn't say I'm a knick-knack person per se...more just plain hoarder. Thankfully I have weaned myself off the worst of that habit and have it mostly under control. But every time I have to move house I find I've accumulated yet more crap I then must sort through. Which is where I am currently ;)

  3. two of my favorite things tennessee williams and knick knacks:) totally get the moving agony too im about to be in that boat again. but you know what all those silly little trinkets make me happy so it's worth kinda worth it. kinda.

  4. my mom was a big knick knack person. Me - not so much. I hate dusting them!

  5. They're not called knick knacks; they're called collectables. ;)

  6. My garage is full of useless things ... I mean knickknacks. But, I bet you one day, as I go through the piles of things, I'll find a treasure there. :) I tell myself that every time I watch the Antique Road show and see someone bring in a small object declared to be worth in the tens of thousands of dollars.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes