Thursday, April 24, 2014

Auction Winners!

It is now my complete honor to announce all the Writers For Hope Auction winners!

I can't tell you how crazy it was during the last five minutes of the auction. Floodgates came down, bids were pouring in and I was just yelling incoherent burst of excitement in the general direction of the computer.

In the frenzy, there were a few bids that came in after the 11:59 cut off and were, unfortunately, disqualified. Thankfully, this was a very rare occurrence. To anyone that it did happen to, I'm very sorry and thank you so extremely much for participating in the auction!

Here are the winner's and the times of their final bids:

    • Donor: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
    • WINNER: Katharine Rossiello (12:42pm)

    • Donor: Maria Murnane
    • WINNER: MES (10:16am)

    • Donor: Rebecca Allard
    • WINNER: Katharine Rossiello (12:41pm)

    • Donor: Marissa Burt
    • WINNER: Tony Gerone (10:59am)

  • ITEM #5: Query Critique
    • Donor: Emmie Mears
    • WINNER: Kirsten (11:55pm)

  • ITEM #6: Query Critique
    • Donor: Jodi Meadows
    • WINNER: Susan Jett (8:23am)

  • ITEM #7: Query Critique
    • Donor: Dahlia Adler
    • WINNER: Linh Nguyen-Ng (11:58pm)

  • ITEM #8: Query Critique
    • Donor: Lauren Spieller
    • WINNER: C.C. Ford (12:32pm)

  • ITEM #9: Query Critique
    • Donor: Brenda Drake
    • WINNER: M Hebert (11:58pm)

  • ITEM #10: Query Critique
    • Donor: Jami Nord
    • WINNER: Derek (1:19pm)

  • ITEM #11: Query Critique
    • Donor: Jami Nord
    • WINNER: mk (2:07pm)

  • ITEM #12: Query Critique
    • Donor: Jessica Sinsheimer
    • WINNER: Scarlett Cole (11:59pm)

  • ITEM #13: First Five Pages Critique
    • Donor: Lauren Spieller
    • WINNER: C.C. Ford (11:52pm)

  • ITEM #14: First Ten Pages Critique
    • Donor: Gail Nall
    • WINNER: billypayne (8:40pm)

  • ITEM #15: First Chapter Critique
    • Donor: Allison Pang
    • WINNER: Shelley Morrison (11:58pm)

  • ITEM #16: First Chapter Critique
    • Donor: Jodi Meadows
    • WINNER: Cheyenne Campbell (8:21pm)

  • ITEM #17: First Chapter Critique
    • Donor: Molly Lee
    • WINNER: Laurie (11:05pm)

  • ITEM #18: First Chapter Critique
    • Donor: Catherine McCall
    • WINNER: Beverley Baird (10:46pm)

  • ITEM #19: Thirty Page Critique
    • Donor: Emanuelle Morgen
    • WINNER: MMHoff (11:56pm)

  • ITEM #20: Query OR First Chapter Critique
    • Donor: Skylar Dorset
    • WINNER: Beverley Baird (11:56pm)

  • ITEM #21: Query/First Chapter Critique OR Query/Full Picture Book Critique
    • Donor: Veronica Bartles
    • WINNER: Beverley Baird (11:58pm)

  • ITEM #22: Query AND First Five Pages Critique
    • Donor: Caitlin Sinead
    • WINNER: Faydra (11:59pm)

  • ITEM #23: Query AND First Five Pages Critique
    • Donor: Ava Jae
    • WINNER: Jim Dean (1:56pm)

  • ITEM #24: Query AND First Five Pages Critique
    • Donor: Stephanie Sauvinet
    • WINNER: Anna Bragg (11:39pm)

  • ITEM #25: Query AND First Five Pages Critique
    • Donor: N.K. Traver
    • WINNER: Kirsten (11:57pm)

  • ITEM #26: Query AND First Chapter Critique
    • Donor: Marie Meyer
    • WINNER: Katharine (11:59pm)

  • ITEM #27: Query AND First Chapter Critique
    • Donor: Karen Dionne
    • WINNER: Beverley Baird (8:24pm)

  • ITEM #28: Query AND First Chapter Critique
    • Donor: Juliana Brandt
    • WINNER: M Hebert (11:57pm)

  • ITEM #29: Query AND First Chapter Critique
    • Donor: Rebecca Yarros
    • WINNER: Ashley Hearn (11:35pm)

  • ITEM #30: Query AND First Chapter Critique
    • Donor: Brooks Benjamin
    • WINNER: M Hebert (11:59pm)

  • ITEM #31: Query AND First Three Chapters Critique
    • Donor: Marieke Nijkamp
    • WINNER: Lauren Grimley (7:51pm)

  • ITEM #32: Query AND First Chapter Critique AND Signed ARC of MORE THAN MUSIC
    • Donor: Elizabeth Briggs
    • WINNER: kimcjohnson (11:46pm)

  • ITEM #33: Partial Manuscript Critique AND Permission to email and discuss comments
    • Donor: Stephanie Sauvinet
    • WINNER: Anonymous (11:59pm)

  • ITEM #34: Full Manuscript Critique
    • Donor: Fiona McLaren
    • WINNER: (11:39pm)

  • ITEM #35: Full Manuscript Critique
    • Donor: Tamara Mataya
    • WINNER: (11:54pm)

  • ITEM #36: Full Manuscript Critique
    • Donor: Joy McCullough-Carranza
    • WINNER: Linh Nguyen-Ng (11:58pm)

  • ITEM #37: Full Manuscript Critique
    • Donor: Christina Henry de Tessan
    • WINNER: Meredith Tate (11:58pm)

  • ITEM #38: Thirty Minute Phone Conversation Regarding Publishing
    • Donor: Maria Murnane
    • WINNER: Katharine Manning (10:00am) 

  • ITEM #39: 90 Minute Social Media and Marketing Session
    • Donor: Andrea Dunlop
    • WINNER: Mary J (8:48pm)

Congratulations to everyone!!

Here's what you need to do to claim your awesome prizes:
  1. Go to my RAINNmaker page and donate your bid amount by WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30. Highest bid amount for those who chose to outbid themselves. =) 
  2. There is a "Message to RAINN" section in the donation form. In it please include either the name you won the prize under or the Item # of the prize you've won. 
  3. Once your donation has shown up on the page, please email me at, with the Item # in the subject line and I'll give you the information you need to get in touch with your donor. If you won a book, please include the address where you would like the book sent in your email. 
  4. Read, write and be merry.

Finally, I have tallied the highest bids on each auction item and can tell you that once all donations have been made to the RAINNmaker page, we will have raised $1937!! Once I add in the donations made by those who did not take part in the auction, we are at $2012!!

You are all helping me raise over $2000 for RAINN. To say the very least, you have completely blown my goal of $400 the hell out of the water. 

This money will help over 200 survivors get the support they need. It's completely amazing.

To all the donors, bidders and folks who spread the word about this auction, THANK YOU, from the very bottom of my heart. 


  1. Congratulations on raising so much for RAINN! Such a worthwhile cause. I am thrilled to have been able to help out and to have actually won.

  2. So glad to have been part of this event! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!

  3. Wow! What a great achievement! Thank you so much for letting me be involved, and I look forward to working with my winner!!! :-)