Monday, April 21, 2014

ITEM #39: 90 Minute Social Media and Marketing Session

DONOR: Andrea Dunlop
Can you not tell your Twitter from your Instagram, or think "Pinterest" is a typo? Fear not. Andrea can help you master social medial tools, craft a marketing plan, and dramatically improve your outreach to readers, bloggers and media outlets.

During this ninety-minute session, Andrea will review with you (based on your level of knowledge) how social media works and how to use platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Blogs, Amazon, and Pinterest, going over etiquette, frequency, and nuances to keep in mind with each of these unique online spaces. Together, you will determine the audience and brand-identity (i.e. who are your readers and how do you connect with them) and target your place in the market. Based on your preferences and schedule, the two of you will put together a comprehensive social media strategy to begin building up the author's platform. You will leave with a packet of information about how to use each platform and an individualized plan.

(Help one survivor get the support she/he needs!)