Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Donor Intros: Day Ten!

I'm going to have to start off this week's donor introductions with a quick mea culpa. Somehow today's first donor ended up between two "N" names on my Donors of Awesome spreadsheet. Maybe I decided it would be more interesting to alphabetize based on the the last letter in the last name. Who can say?

The main reason I'm bringing this up is to say that if any of our illustrious donors want to donate "rudimentary alphabet studies," know that I'll be a high bidder.

Now, down to the real business!

Anya Kagan

Anya Kagan is a fiction editor who works directly with authors as well as with Entangled Publishing and Pandamoon Publishing. She has a Creative Writing degree from Brandeis University, which ultimately taught her that her real talent lies in helping others shape the gems of their writing. She has worked with authors such as Simon Quellen Field, Gabriel Böhmer, Aubrie Dionne, and many more. Anya is also the founder of the community writing project Scripting Change.

Learn more about Anya on her website and follow her on Twitter!

Donation: Editorial Letter

L.S. Murphy

L.S. Murphy obsesses about St. Louis Cardinals baseball, fangirls over her favorite authors, and watches every episode of Doctor Who like it’s the first time. When she’s not doing those time-consuming things, the former farm-girl turned city slicker turned suburbanite writes sweet romances for teens and adults.

Learn more about L.S. on her website and follow her on Twitter!

Donation #1: Query AND First Fifty Pages Critique

Donation #2: Signed copies REAPER and ONE MORE DAY

Marieke Nijkamp 

Marieke is a storyteller, dreamer, globe-trotter, geek. She holds degrees in philosophy, history, and medieval studies, and wants to grow up to be a time traveler.

In the midnight hours of the day she writes young adult stories as well as the occasional middle grade adventure. Her debut young adult novel THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS will be out from Sourcebooks Fire in 2016.

Marieke is proud to be the founder of DiversifYA and VP for We Need Diverse Books.

Learn more about Marieke on her website and follow her on Twitter!

Donation: Query Critique

Jami Nord

Jami has interned for Entangled Publishing, Bree Ogden, and another NYC Agency she’s pretty sure is Voldemort, since she’s not allowed to say their name. She has experience handling extensive amounts of slush and evaluating hundreds of manuscripts in reports, and helps with #PitchMadness and #PitchWars. A love of books led her to a BA in English. She adores stories with a strong voice no matter the genre, and routinely reads all forms of speculative fiction, romance and erotica, thrillers, mysteries, contemporary (especially dark ones), and pretty much any random novel that transports her to another world. She’s followed the publishing industry for over a decade, though only had the courage to risk a professional move when she upended her life to move cross country from Texas to Philadelphia in 2012. She currently freelances as half of Chimeraediting.com.

Learn more about Jami on her website and follow her on Twitter!

Donation #1: Query Critique

Donation #2: Query Critique

There are still another three days of donors! Don't miss a one!

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