Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Banshees: Crying and Combs

Today we’re going to take a look at banshees. In Irish legend, these creatures always show themselves in the forms of women. Sometimes the banshee will take the form of an old crone, other times she will appear as a beautiful woman, either young or middle aged. She is most known for her wail, as the banshee is said to cry out if someone is about to die. Originally, the banshees were believed to only appear to particular Irish families. However, after centuries of marriages, this group has likely expanded.

During her keening, she is not always visible to the living, but whether you see her or hear her, the message is always the same: Death is near. Possibly for you, possibly for a loved one, but regardless, it’s coming. This may seem scary, but the banshee isn’t there to make sure someone dies, just to give you warning so you have time to prepare. Get your affairs in order. Say your goodbyes.

Really, she just providing a public service.

This is not the only legend surrounding the banshees. They are believed to have long pale or auburn hair, which they brush with silver combs. If you take a comb from a banshee, watch out. She is likely to spirit you away, never to return. If you somehow manage to escape her before this, she’s coming for you. She will hunt you down and make your life miserable until she gets you or the comb. Because of this, some find the banshee to be very frightening.

But, let’s just pause for a second and think about this.

To me, it is very reminiscent of our previous conversation on the Wicked Witch of the West. She is considered the villain of that story. Why? Because she won’t accept that it’s okay for someone to have stolen shoes off the corpse of her late sister.

Here’s a crazy thought: Let’s stop stealing from these women.

Now, I’m not defending the manner in which banshees or the Witch handled their respective thefts, but come on. Who likes to have their stuff stolen? Not me. I would find it extraordinarily aggravating. Would my gut reaction be abduction of others? No. These ladies are definitely letting their anger get the better of them and I certainly won’t argue in favor of their methods. All I’m saying is that before we go calling them names, maybe we should take a quick gander in the mirror.

Perhaps it’s just a tad unfair of us to take what doesn’t belong to us and then get all high and mighty about the behavior of those we’ve stolen from.

So, let’s give the not-stealing experiment a go, shall we? Now, if these women continue to behave in the same way, regardless of our lack of theft, go ahead, call them the bad guys. But if you run into one and she doesn’t immediately try to spirit you away, give her a chance. It may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And who wouldn’t want a friend on the other side?

Oh, and one other thing….just invite Maleficent to your parties. Ostracizing her is ultimately going to make everyone feel bad.

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