Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Like Barbie's Dream House...Only Haunted...And With an Ostrich

Roomie tricked me into exercising with her yesterday. She said, “You want to go for a walk after work?” I assumed she meant to the grocery store for ice cream or something. Four miles, two hills and countless curses later we finally made it home where I sat on the couch and toasted my new physical prowess with some chips and cheese dip. Only we ended up not having chips, so I ate tortillas and cheese dip. And some pizza. All and all, a healthy night.

But my athletic nature is not actually what I’m here to discuss. Roomie offset the horrors of physical exertion by walking me through different neighborhoods where we picked our favorite houses. Occasionally we’d find two houses that were connected, sharing a porch and a yard, but with their own doors and space. We leaned towards those. Mostly because if we had houses like that, there is a much greater possibility for the construction of secret doorways, which as I’ve mentioned before is one of my requirements for my future home.

Between my huffing and puffing and Roomie’s incessant “Charlie Bit My Finger” quoting, we did finally come up with a fairly comprehensive list of what we’re looking for in our future homes.

- Either two houses joined together or a giant castle-like house with two separate wings (Roomie wants some freedom from my holiday decorating frenzies and if I have to listen to another Chelsea game on the soccer network there’s going to be fisticuffs. Still we would like to live close enough to each other that midnight Step Up marathons are not inconvenient)

- Movie screening room (See Step Up above)

- Secret doors, hallways and book shelves

- A ghost (Really looking for a place that already has one. I’ve heard trying to move them from one house to another is extremely difficult. Still, if you know of a really friendly ghost, let me know and I’ll give it a shot)

- Soccer field in the back yard (Really a Quidditch pitch would be better, but a soccer field is a good starter field)

- A well (For wishing, not drinking)

- A fairy garden (just in case we every get any spritely visitors)

- Gargoyles (I’m completely willing to create my own once settling in a place, so it’s not required that the house already have them)

- A drive way (Looking for street parking is always annoying. Takes time away from learning to do magic)

- A dog

- An ostrich

Basically, I want to live The Bloggess’ dollhouse, but in my real size, not all shrunken down to doll size. So, I’m going to go try and find a machine a la Honey, I Blew Up the Kid to make the house a little roomier.

In case this doesn’t work out as brilliantly as I am currently assuming it will, please let me know if you hear about anything meeting the above requirements. We’re looking into a moving time between now and ten years from now, but that’s not a hard and fast time frame.

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