Thursday, April 26, 2012

My thinking cap is securely fastened...

In the last few days I’ve heard a number of people using some iteration of the phrase, “Let me just put on my [INSERT PROFESSION/HOBBY/IDENTITY OF CHOICE HERE] hat to answer that question.”

So, naturally, after listening to all these folks explaining what metaphorical cap they’re throwing on, I had a thought: What if these hats weren’t figurative?

Voila! Eureka! Some other word indicating the birth of a wondrous idea!

Roomie doesn’t know it yet, but she and I are about to embark on a new entrepreneurial endeavor. From now on all graduates upon receipt of their diploma, will also receive a hat by us declaring their profession. After completing tasks to prove their expertise, dedicated hobbyists will be awarded our wares to ensure that when they discuss their activity the people around them know that they’re opinions come from a place of authority.

Avoid any of those awkward moments where you’re left wondering if your doctor friend is thinking about your question in terms of her medical background or pondering it as the heavy metal enthusiast you know her to be. As long as she has on DOCTOR HAT, you’re in the clear!

And no longer will you have to waste precious seconds explaining to your coworkers that you’re drawing on your scrapbooking know-how to answer their question. Just place this bad boy upon your noggin and everyone will know where you’re coming from!

Clearly, this is going to be a multi-BILLION dollar business. And think of all the time we’ll save and misunderstandings we’ll avoid. Forget the money, there could be a Nobel Peace Prize in this! 

It’s all very exciting.

So, to my Roomie/Business Partner and to the world on whole… are extremely welcome.

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