Monday, July 30, 2012

Amazon Knows Me Too Well....

The last few Amazon purchases that I have made have all been books. It’s summer, school’s over, and I have buckets of reading to catch up on. So….books. However, when I go on Amazon, it does not recommend more books for me. It takes a rather different route.

For those of you who have not yet invested in a Sun-Stache, you really should. They’re fantastic. I have recently ensured that all of my young cousins have one, because there’s really nothing quite as amusing as a six-year-old running around with a handlebar mustache.

Of course, due to these multiple purchases, Amazon now appears to think I have a fascination with all things mustache. It does not matter that I’ve made other purchases since the Sun-Staches, the site insists that my greatest love in this world is the mustache.

I am encouraged to peruse mustache jewelry, clothing with mustache designs, a variety of fake mustaches. Perhaps my favorite, labeled under “Sports & Outdoors,” are these “Stylish Mustaches for Girls.” I would love to know what sporting events Amazon thinks I’m taking part in that would call for a pink moustache. Mostly so that I can seek these activities out.

After mustaches, the other products Amazon recommends for me are all related to Mad Libs and fanny packs.

It’s like it can see into my very soul.

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