Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I've got a great personality...

Some days you wake up in the morning and are just ready to go. Rain or shine, you are in the zone. Nothing can stop you. Basically, you’re Milty on his porch, riding that stationary bike. The world is yours for the taking.

And other days, you just want to sit at your computer and take personality tests. You look to things like the Myers-Briggs test or the even more reputable “What Animal Are You?” quiz to give you some guidance on where to go with your life.

Today is one of those latter types. And here’s what I’ve found out:

In terms of animals, I took two different personality quizzes this morning. One told me I was a wolf, the other claimed me as a bat. At first, I couldn't understand this discrepancy. How could such highly dependable questionnaires leave me with two such differing responses? How? The question tortured me and I fell to the ground and gnashed my teeth. But then a light bulb exploded over my head, shooting out rainbows and dreams. My personality animal is Dracula. A truth that, on some level, I've long suspected.

As far as Myers-Briggs goes, the last time I took it was in high school, but an awesome article provided a link. I’m an ISFJ. The article also went on to pair personality types with literary counterparts of the same ilk.

My literary personality buddy is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Dr. Watson. According to this we share the habits of being orderly, hardworking and calm, as well as having a penchant for deductive reasoning.

Finally, my prowess as a kid detective makes sense!

As I write this, I realize something else: When I combine the results of both personality tests together, an interesting conclusion forms. Between my vampiric personality animal and my deductive qualities, there is really only one fictional place where I belong.

I just wish Angel Investigations was still open.

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