Thursday, July 26, 2012

Go Big or.....Nope, that's you're only option

Today is National All Or Nothing Day, a day you should not go big or go home, but go big even if you’re at home.

If you feel like something’s been holding you back, be it vegetable, animal or mineral, today is the day to shake it off and go for broke.

To celebrate the day, here are some characters who make a habit of choosing “all” over “nothing:”

-          Hermione Granger: It’s hard to beat someone who’s both at the top of her class and not afraid to wade into the thick of battle. Then, of course, there’s her ability to overcome discrimination due to her bloodline, the fierce loyalty to her friends and a willingness to take extreme measures to ensure the safety of her parents. Hermione thought ahead to ensure the best possible chance of success for every endeavor and risked everything to do what was right. And somehow managed to find time to lobby on behalf of house-elf freedom. Certainly not one for any laurel resting.

-          Neal Caffrey: It’s hard to be sure which side of the law he’s dancing on, but whether he’s committing crimes or solving them, Neal tends to go all in. It’s his general approach to life. He wants the best, so he finds a way to get the best: clothes, living situation, way to serve out his jail sentence. He’s willing to go to great lengths for the people he loves, whether or not that means working inside the law. And he does it all with a jaunty tip of his hat.

-          Buffy Summers: As the tombstone said, “She saved the world. A lot.” Miss Summers was a busy girl. She managed to fight vampires, demons and the occasional demigod, whilst also cultivating and maintaining personal relationships with a number of individuals. Not to mention going to school, slaying her boyfriend, nursing said boyfriend back from a feral state, fighting a rogue slayer, sparring with the military, helping to raise her mystical sister, standing by a friend during her detox from magic addiction, training new slayers, and ultimately returning to her high school to work as a guidance counselor. And then there was the whole dying twice thing, but even that couldn’t keep her down. Sounds like giving her all to me.

-          Marshall Flinkman: Sure, he didn’t really go on all that many missions, but the few times he did were always epic. Where Marshall really went all out, though, were in his relationships. He might have been a little socially awkward, but that never stopped his efforts to connect. And regardless of what life threw at him, he was never one to give into hopelessness. Didn’t matter if he’d just been held captive and tortured for days, you could still count on him for a smile and a parachute built into his suit.

-          Animal: Have you seen him play the drums? Enough said.

Please take note, tomorrow is Bagpipe Appreciation Day. Plan your celebrations accordingly.

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