Friday, August 31, 2012

Roadtrip Soundtrack

Well, it’s time for me to hit the road again. Only for a long weekend this time, though. I don’t think I’ll have to go through the Five Stages of Vacation Withdrawal again. At least I hope not. Day four is a killer.

Roomie and I are embarking on an eleven hour road trip to go visit a friend. Which really means only one thing, it’s showtunes time. It has been said by some that our choice of belting tunes makes car rides with the two of us insufferable, but I’m pretty sure those people just hate fun.

And in the interest of fun, in case you’re stuck in an office today and not barreling down the open road in a car filled with junk food, I figured you should at least have some showtunes. So here are the ten songs during which the Roomie and I are most likely to halt conversation. You we can sing in a manner that could burst both lungs and eardrums.

1. Defying Gravity (Wicked)

2. Footloose (Footloose)

3. All For The Best (Godspell)

4.  I Want to Know What Love Is (Rock of Ages)

5. Walk Through the Fire (Buffy, "Once More With Feeling") 

6. I Dreamed A Dream (Les Mis)

7. King of New York (Newsies)
8. Happily Ever After (Once Upon A Mattress)

9. Cell Block Tango (Chicago)

10. Suddenly Seymour (Little Shop of Horrors)


Okay, so technically, number five isn't a showtune in the sense that it's been performed in a staged production. (At least not that I've seen. If you have, pretty please tell me where.) But I think the idea behind it is the same, so it gets to stay on the list.

All right folks, have a great weekend! And for all of you who feel either indifferent or rageful towards showtunes, I hope you spend the day listening to whatever music makes you feel like this:


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