Friday, August 10, 2012


Roomie has told me that my vacation packing habits are ridiculous. She has described them as “elderly” and, harkening Aladdin, “big cosmic powers, itty bitty living space.”

I’ll address the “elderly” claim first. I can’t really dispute this as Roomie’s grandmother and I once had an extended conversation about the fun of early packing, but I will say that I think there’s also a child-like element. Basically, I’m this kid:

I try to hold off packing, really I do, but eventually the anticipation gets to me.

I leave for this summer’s vacation this evening. I managed to suppress the packing urge until about two weeks ago. Then I was just too excited and had to start throwing things into a suitcase. Which leads to Roomie’s second issue with my packing style.

I don’t believe in the boundaries set forth by suitcase dimensions. I see them more as guidelines.

As a chronic over-packer (how do I know for sure that I’m not going to need twelve different dresses on a five day trip??), I slowly build teetering piles of belongings in the base of the luggage. I don’t stop until I am absolutely positive that I am prepared for any ensemble situation that I might run into. Then I sit on the suitcase until it closes. Which, admittedly, sometimes takes a while. But the struggle is well worth it when someone on the trip says, “It’s a little chilly tonight,” and I can respond, “I have a lovely collection of cardigans for you to choose from. What color did you have in mind?”

Plus, here’s a little secret I’ve discovered: Clothes get a lot more compact when you weigh them down with books. Sure, my suitcases tend to weigh upwards of a billion pounds, but that’s why you can get them with wheels, right? Also another reason I continue to enjoy traditional books. I just don’t think an eReader would provide as much packing heft. 

So, I stand by my packing choices. (And, maybe...just a little bit...judge the fact that Roomie doesn't pack until the morning of a trip and is rarely prepared if the journey suddenly gets extended by a month or so.)

But enough about preparation, now is the time for action. To that end, I'm off to cruise the high seas. I’ll be back on the 20th. Hope to see you here!


  1. Remember last summer when the overpacking led to wearing a minimum of 3 outfits per day (not including pajamas of course)? Good times. Have fun on your cruise, looking forward to your blogging return!

  2. Woohoo you come home tomorrow! My schoolwork procrastination is much less fun without your blog. Hope the cruise was fun!