Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Olympics: Fostering least in our apartment

I am not what you would call an athletic person.

I think the Roomie could accept this fact if I at least had some interest in watching sporting events. Which I don’t. Almost ever.

If you want me to watch something sports related, your best bet is a Disney movie. (Even I can't resist a knucklepuck.)

This isn’t to say I don’t ever try to appreciate the more sporty sides of life. I go to root on the Roomie at the occasional soccer performance. To prove that I’m paying attention and not plotting the next couple of chapters of the story I’m working on, I have taken to texting her every few minutes to comment on something I saw on the field. She has told me that coming back to find thirty-two texts after a sixty minute game is not the athletic appreciation she is looking for. And to stop calling them soccer performances. And that “Break a leg!” is not an appropriate way to wish her luck before a game.

As I’m sure you can see, she’s fairly high maintenance.

We have however found one athletic topic we can agree on: The Olympics are awesome.

Watching the best of the best from countries all over the world is just inspiring. I may root hard for the U.S., but that doesn’t take away from the genuine awe I feel watching the athletes from other countries do their thing. I am consistently floored by the feats all of the Olympians can get their bodies to complete.

Plus, at times it is like you’re watching a Disney sports movie, given the dramatic statements frequently made by the commentators. Things like “The question is, would you go for the throat while your opponent is sobbing?” And the twice repeated “They will, as champions always do, walk together forever.” If only there was a Queen song playing over all of this, it would be absolute perfection.

So for now, the Roomie and I are in sync in our viewing choices for the evening. And in feeling mildly floored that most of the Fab Five were born the year the Magnificent Seven won the gold (which sadly means they probably totally missed out on choices like getting an Amanda Borden haircut).

In conclusion, peace has settled over the apartment.

At least until the twelfth.

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