Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

It’s that magical day that only comes once every four years. A very Happy Birthday to all the leaplings (coolest name ever, by the way) out there!
In honor of this auspicious day, here are some other awesome things that we know are out there in the ether, but only get to experience every once in awhile.

The Summer Olympics- Coming up this summer and I’m already pumped. For someone without any athletic skill (or interest) to speak of, I get strangely excited about these events. Of course, it may just be that it offers me a reason to fondly recall the year I got my Amanda Borden haircut. Good times.

The Winter Olympics- These aren’t quite as exciting to me as the summer games, but you hear more people chanting “Quack, Quack, Quack!” due to the presence of hockey. And that’s really more than enough to get me interested.

Total Solar Eclipse- You shouldn’t look directly at these, but they’re pretty cool. Much like this video.

Tori Scott- She was there and then she wasn't. And then she was there again. And then she wasn't. She may not have graduated with Bayside's class of '93 (or ever met Kelly and Jessie), but I know she's out there somewhere. Just waiting for the right moment for her return.

Miss Zarves class on the nineteenth floor- ‘Cause I know it’s there. Even if it is non-existent. I just know it.

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