Monday, February 4, 2013

Gone Too Soon

We all have those shows we loved that, in our opinion, got cancelled before their time. Shows we think up with a mixture of wistfulness and despondence. They were just so…..great. And now they’re gone.

*Brings hand to head and swoons dramatically.*

But the shows you love that don’t make it out of the first season? Well, that’s its own special brand of horror. They’re around just long enough for you to get invested and then they disappear.

*Starts to get up, realizes the shows are still gone, succumbs to unconsciousness once again.*

The only upside here is that when I finish the stories in my head, everyone gets a happy ending. As a result, all the fictional characters from my stories hate the fictional characters that other people create. I’m so much nicer to those guys.

Anyhoo, here are five shows which have stuck with me even after the networks have yelled “Cut!”

  • Cupid

Debuted: 1998
Lasted: 15 episodes (1 unaired)
Reason I loved it: Cupid or not Cupid? That was the question. I was a believer. More importantly, this was the definition of a “feel-good” show. Every episode had me smiling and left me with a serious case of the warm-and-fuzzies.

  • Freaks and Geeks

Debuted: 1999
Lasted: 18 episodes
Reason I loved it: I laughed, I cried, I empathized so much with the awkwardness I wanted to look away…but…just…couldn’t.

  • Firefly

Debuted: 2002
Lasted: 14 episodes
Reason I loved it: A space western? Yes, please. The world that this story took place in was fantastic. And the characters? I loved them all. Even when I wanted to throw things at them. I wanted to know everything about them. Thankfully, we got a movie, so at least I know where the Reavers came from, but I still have more questions!

  • Jake 2.0

Debuted: 2003
Lasted: 16 episodes
Reason I loved it: It had spies, nerds and nanobot-infection-superpowers. It was my dream life. And, also, I wanted Jake and Diane to have nerdy superpower babies.

  • The Unusuals

Debuted: 2009
Lasted: 10 episodes
Reason I loved it: The characters, first and foremost. Everyone of them was a little bizarre and quirky, without ever being a caricature. There were reasons for their weirdness and I loved them for it. And, having worked with people who have spoken about themselves in the third person, I will always have a soft spot for Eddie Alvarez.

Feel free to add to my list! I’m always interested in seeking out more shows that will leave me elated and ticked off.

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