Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Middle of the Week Madlibs

Well, it is the middle of the week and I could use some fun and games. If you're feeling the same way, grab a coworker and enjoy my Madlibs below, inspired by a dream from a while back.

He   (verb)   as I came into the room. At least I think he did. It’s hard to tell with specters, what with them lacking real   (body part - plural)  .

“Welcome. It’s so   (adjective)   to finally meet you.”

Maybe for him. I’m still not too   (adjective)   about the whole dying thing. Especially since I found out I still have to   (verb)  .

“Now, let’s talk about your application.”

“I didn’t send you an application.” I definitely would have remembered doing that before the   (noun)   accident.

He smiled   (adverb)   and looked upward. “I get them from the higher-ups. Anyway, you have some impressive skills. Two years of   (verb ending in ing)  , a degree in   (educational field)  . Too bad about the early ending.”

“That did suck.”

He doesn’t pay much attention to my comment. “So, why do you think you’re qualified to haunt the   (adjective)   School for   (adjective)   Children?”

“Other than the being dead thing?”


“Well…um…I…” Have no idea. Okay, gotta say something right? “I am a   (adjective)     (noun)   with a strong interest in   (activity)  . And I think I could really bring a sense of   (adjective)  to these hauntings.”

Can’t quite read his expression. Guess that wasn’t what he was expecting.

And now he’s not saying anything.

Finally, he smiles again. “I think you’re going to fit in well here.”

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to leave your answers below. I'd love to know what kind of school you're going be haunting.

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