Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How Do You Read?

Do you like to look at the words or do you absorb more when someone else is reading and favor audio books? If so, are there consistent parts where you find your mind wandering? 

And if you like to look at the words yourself do you skim? Pore over every word? Or is it a mix?

I used to think I was a pore-r, but over the years I've realized that's not entirely accurate. I know this because as an avid re-reader, I almost always discover something new on the second go-around. Some little piece of magic that didn't quite register the first time.

Rarely though is it dialogue. Regardless of genre, conversations between multiple characters or between a character and his/her self is always something I focus on. Probably because conversations are something I find interesting in my off-the-page life. Or maybe because dialogue is something I like to read aloud when I have the chance and that just makes it harder to miss. Seriously, try it. With voices. It's awesome.

But regardless of the reason, I must declare myself a mixer. 

So, what are you?

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