Friday, January 18, 2013

A Happy Thesaurus Day to Us All!

Or, maybe you’d prefer Joyful Lexicon Diurnal Course! Or Mirthful Onomasticon Sunlight Hours!

Regardless, I hope that your time is blissful, convivial, exultant, lively, perky and upbeat!

Synonyms are truly lovely. But what about all those words that aren’t technically synonyms, but are undoubtedly connected in our heads? We all have different ones. You hear one word and due to some experience in your life, it immediately makes you think of another. Your own internal word association game.  

I’ve decided to celebrate those today too (because, why not?). So, here are a few of mine:

Purse = Nap

My sophomore year of college, my aunt bought be a chair that folded up to look like a giant purse. It was awesome, and, as it was located right next to my desk, made for the perfect break-for-papers nap space. To this day, looking at a leopard print bag makes me a little sleepy.

Kaleidoscope = Cousin

Visited my cousin when she was in college. I was probably around seven or eight years old. She took me with her when she registered for classes and then bought me a kaleidoscope. Think of that day every time I hear the word.

Umbrella = Dance

I place the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of Singing in the Rain. I just want to sing and dance every single time I try to protect myself from the rain.

Billboard = Home

I’ve long used the Manfredi Automotives billboard over the Goethals as a landmark for the last leg of my journey to my beloved childhood home. Can’t even think about that silly billboard without smiling.

Peruse = Scan

Thought these two words meant the same thing for an embarrassingly long time. Still occasionally use them interchangeably. Apparently my mind cares naught for the amount of time I actually spend looking at something, just that I looked. Whoops.

How about you? What words are strangely connected in your head?

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