Friday, January 25, 2013

The Eternal Question

Friday has arrived, my friends! The weekend is stretched out before us in all its glory and I'm readying myself for the traditional end-of-the-week dance.

And it shall be awesome.

But until it strikes end-of-work-o-clock, I'm distracting myself with sweet thoughts. Literally. I'm thinking about cake and pie. Because, why not?

I will say, I've struggled with myself over the years, trying to decide which I preferred. Cake or pie. Pie or cake. I think we can all agree, they're both awesome (and if we can't agree on that, we're probably not the soul mates I imagined). But who wins in the ultimate battle for our taste buds?

I've done my research. Consulted expert after expert. I rented Waitress, recorded Cake Boss. I've listened to every song on Lisa Loeb's "Cake and Pie." I've learned what happens when you get baked into a cake and that pies can be a bit dangerous. I've sent my resume to The Pie Hole....possibly more than once. 

Pretty much left no stone unturned.

Ultimately, it seems, though, there is no one answer to this question. It's something all people must decide for themselves.

Through much soul searching and teeth gnawing and the filling out of this handy dandy bracket, I have discovered that pie has the advantage in my world.

I'm a pie girl.

There, I said it.

What are you?

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