Monday, January 7, 2013

Superhero Capes Are Really Just Fancy Security Blankets

As a kid, I didn’t believe in monsters at all.

Until the lights went out.

Yeah, I talked a good game, but once it was dark, every shadow seemed to have ominous purpose. Demons of all shapes and sizes, waiting to pounce.

Sure, I took precautions, but they were always only temporary solutions.

I always made sure the Wicked Witch doll was in a drawer when bedtime rolled around. But even then I knew that a couple of pieces of wood were paltry compared to her magic fire balls. And I’ve mentioned that my favorite reading place for scarier books was the bathroom, because with the shower curtain open, I could see every corner. No way any monsters were going to jump out at me there. But in the back of my mind was the little voice reminding me that eventually, I was going to finish and have to make a run for it back to my bedroom.

I needed something more lasting. Thankfully, superheroes provided me with the answer here.

The cape.

There had to be a reason so many of them wore capes. Sure, as a fashion choice, it was interesting, but not generally the most practical accessory. So, there must be more to it than that. The sheet of fabric must serve as some kind of protective force. Right?

Well, it certainly seemed right back then.

Over time, I became convinced that the only thing standing between me and the night monsters were the blankets on my bed. I slept covered from head to toe. My sister, on the other hand, was a sleep kicker, which caused me no little stress as I was determined to save us from the Winkies evil machinations. So, I would wait up until she was asleep to make sure that she was fully covered with the monster repelling Beauty & The Beast sheets.

On the rare nights where nightmare recovery requires some parental assistance, I would wrap a sheet around my shoulders when I ran to my parents’ room. Only way to ensure some degree of safety in my travels.

My tolerance for scary things has grown over the years. The Wicked Witch had her reasons for being annoyed. And I can’t think of the last time I felt the need to lock myself in a bathroom to comfortably read a book.

But, I will say, when I pick up a thriller, or the music in a movie or show suddenly takes a turn for the menacing, it’s always nice to have a blanket nearby. 

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