Friday, January 11, 2013

Pride...Some Confusion...Pride Again

So, I just took a look as some of the search terms people have used to find my blog over this past year.

Many of them I get:

-          “Movies that would make a good party”
-          “The Parent Trap 2 1986”
-          “witch hansel gretel misunderstood”
-          “amanda borden”
-          “Sandy Olsen Michael Carrington”

I’ve written about all those things. More than once. And, to be honest, it’s hard to express the sense of accomplishment I feel that my blog is one of the first to come up if one were to search the two main characters of the cinematic classic, Grease 2. All past accomplishments pale in comparison.

Then there are some that sort of make sense:

-          “i started to rattle off a list”
-          “bookmoods”
-          “bob eckstein”

I am a list rattler from way back, have many a book mood and enjoy Eckstein’s snowman musings. So, fairly logical.

This one is a puzzler:

-          “man lying on bed hands behind head”

I am confused both by why this would bring anyone to the blog and why there are multiple people searching the phrase.

And, by far, my favorite search term:

-          “they will, as champions always do,”

As I’ve never written this phrase on the blog, I’m pretty sure that this is the internet’s way of validating me.

I feel all warm and fuzzy.

P.S. My sincerest apologies to the individual who found my site searching “paddle boat jobs.” I can’t imagine I quite offered you the opportunities you were searching for. Best of luck, though!

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