Friday, February 17, 2012

End of the Week Tunes

In honor of the joy of Friday, I am (naturally) in a singing mood. Talking about fairy tales all week has some interesting tunes running through the old noggin. And since I know that you’re all dying to host the same mental concert that I am enjoying, here are the top five songs on my current internal playlist:

1. Little TownBeauty and the Beast – The opening scene of the 1991 Disney movie is a classic from my youth (if my memory serves correctly, the soundtrack to this movie was my first cassette tape). Also this is the introduction to Belle, the cartoon soul mate of all little bookworms.

2. That’s How You Know - Enchanted – Having grown up on the Disney cartoons, I definitely enjoyed seeing one come to life. All the leads are a lot of fun to watch, but what really sells this number for me are the little old men dancing with their flowers.

3. Agony Reprise Into the Woods – Here we find two less-than-charming (but pretty funny) princes with wandering eyes. The recently wed husbands of Cinderella and Rapunzel confess to each other their respective interest in two other women, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. I didn’t know anything about this play until high school. I remember getting to this song and thinking, Hey! I’m not the only one wondering about the prince’s devotion.

4. Happily Ever AfterOnce Upon A Mattress – Our heroine, Winifred, is preparing for the test that the Queen has prepared to assess whether she is a true princess. Fred laments the help other princesses have gotten (some have fairy godmothers, others seven men dedicated to their happiness, and others just have really strong hair follicles). Fun fact: On any given night, this song is likely to be sung (with volume) in my apartment. It’s what I like to call roomie bonding time and often culminates in the classic living room dance party. Sometimes even the turtles join in.

5. Fairytale - Sara Bareilles – Pulling in a number of the classics, this song is about fairy tales that are just not all they’re cracked up to be.

Along with the music, there’s also a little bit of this mixed in for good measure. So, to end our fairy tale week (and possibly stop my obsessing about when I’m going to finally get my pet gryphon), I now present you with the conclusion to Meki’s story.

Part V

Meki glared at the glitter of the King’s icy sword. "You don't deserve warmth." The King advanced towards her, but she continued speaking. "You wish to steal it from others. Never once does it occur to you that it is something that could be shared. Had you just approached us with your request, things could have been easier."

"Shared?" The King asked. "That's impossible."

"Why?" Meki asked angrily, "Because you didn't think of it? It is certainly possible. And if my Queen ever knew of the suffering of these people she would have ensured they be given relief."

"And now?"

"Now, you have abducted us and threatened death if we do not comply with your every demand. Mercy will not be high on her list for you."

The King was indeed an angry and bitter man, but, despite this, always cared for his subjects. Realizing that he made their situation worse, he humbled himself.

He asked, "And if I were to leave? If I were to go, would you share the warmth with my people?"

"You would give up your throne to ensure their happiness?" Meki wondered.

The King nodded. "They can not be allowed to suffer further for my missteps."

Meki shook her head. "While warmth will come to you for certain cycles of the year, you will also have to deal with cycles of cold. Your people can cross the borders as they will, but you must confine yourself to the North."

The King agreed quickly. "Even one cycle of warmth would be more than enough for me. I will stay in the North."

"And I will stay as far South as I can to get from this place." Meki heard Lucius mutter under his breath.

Softly, Meki began chanting another incantation she learned from the wise sorceress. The world around her began to shake, but she continued her spell. Suddenly, sun light pierced through the oppressive clouds and bathed the town. People began screaming and dancing through the streets.

The King looked around him in awe. "You have my humblest apologies, my lady. And my deepest gratitude."

"I am not yet ready to accept your apology." Meki said. "But your people are welcome to the warmth."

The King immediately ordered his sorcerer to see Meki and the young prince to their homes.

From that day forward, the kingdoms were melded. Though they maintained some boundaries, no longer did they wield absolute power over any type of weather. Parts of the year were warm, parts cool. The King of what had once been Winter stayed in the North and the weather there remained cooler throughout the cycles. Lucius had spoken truth when he said he would live as far from the King as possible. He made his home in the South and kept a little extra of the warmth. The former kingdoms of Autumn and Spring happily lived between the other two, enjoying the change in the cycles.

And that is how we got the seasons.

As for Meki, she spent the remainder of her days exploring all of the world. She slept in snow, trekked through deserts, sailed through waters and met scores of fascinating people. In short, she lived happily ever after.

The End

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