Friday, February 24, 2012

The Unmixing of Signals

In recent years I have been advised by some of those closest to me that perhaps it would serve me well to be a little more discreet in my nerdom. However, the actions of these individuals have directly contradicted their words.

As I have mentioned it previously, I will use my love of Star Wars as a case study here.

Things I’ve heard:

Here’s a thought, how about we shift those bookcases around so everyone doesn’t immediately see the Star Wars books from the living room?

Oh, you still have that t-shirt. Have you ever thought about donating it? Or, you know, just throwing it out.

What do you say we put those action figures in a box and maybe put that box in the hands of a child?

Ewoks are the big guys right? Like the one that flew with Harrison Ford? (This is from Roomie. And, for the record, she knows they’re not.)

Now, for a detailing of the Star Wars related tokens I’ve received from the same people in recent years:

- Keychains
- T-Shirts
- Zip-up Hoodie
- Emails regarding Star Wars: In Concert (which we went to and it was phenomenal. Anthony Daniels hosted in a gold vest.)
- Bobble heads
- Books (naturally)
- Death Star Cookie Jar (can easily fit a floppityjillion cookies)
- Apron
- Pancake molds
- Cookie cutters
- Cupcake decorating kit
- Snow globe (Boba Fett holding a candy cane in front of Han Solo in carbonite wrapped in a ribbon with the tag, “For Jabba.” Awesome.)
- Themed alphabet print
- Fillable Easter eggs

The majority of these were not bought for a traditional gift-giving occasion. And each and every one of them is greatly appreciated. Because, you know, they’re freaking awesome. Still, they are all forcing me to quote from my Samantha: An American Girl Embroidery Sampler (circa 1995): Actions speak louder than words.

So, I finally figured it out. It doesn’t drive these guys crazy that I’m a big Star Wars nerd. They’re not embarrassed by it. They love it. They get to roll their eyes about how silly all these things are, while reveling in the excitement that can only be brought by finding a mug in the shape of an Ewok’s head.

I am nerdy, so they don’t have to be.

To all of you (you know who you are), I would just like to say….You’re welcome.

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