Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is there a minimum wage for fairy godparenting?

I always wondered about the whole fairy godmother deal. Here were my big questions:

1. Are there only fairy godmothers or are there also some fairy godfathers out there? If so, is it a godmothers deal with the girls, godfathers deal with the boys sort of deal?

2. How many fairy godparents are there? Is it one person to each fairy or do they have a heavier workload?

3. How do fairy godparents get assigned to their specific human godchild? Is it all magic? The day the child is born do the godparents feel a warm glow and think, Ah…my human godchild has arrived. Better start preparing for when their life goes to hell.? Or is it more structured, with some fairy managerial staff that doles out assignments (a la “Hey Mabel, I know I just gave you that whole mermaid/human fiasco, but I’m going to need you to take this case over in Zylagria, too. I just got a call that some kids have been nibbling on Doris’ cottage again and she is reacting….poorly. Don’t know what she expected, building the damn thing out of candy. I’d give it to Merryweather, but I just had to send her over to help Flora and Fauna. They’re having a hell of a time with some spindle situation. Don’t even ask. It's just one of those days.”)

These are the questions that plagued my little kid head (and continue to haunt my big kid one). If any of you have answers to them, I would appreciate it greatly.

I will also accept speculation.

Now, to continue with our story.....

Part IV

"This is wrong." Meki said.

"Yes," Lucius agreed. "But we can't do anything about it."

"What if we could?"

"You want to help them? Their king kidnapped us!"

"We can't punish them for his actions." Meki continued to scan the frozen road. "Lucius, they're freezing."

"I won't take the warmth from my people."

"No, of course not." Meki agreed. "But what if it could be shared?"


"I have an idea."

Before she could tell Lucius what it was, an explosion of ice flecks erupted in front of them. The Winter King stood before them. Just behind him was the old man who had brought Meki to this place.

"Did you really think I would let you escape?" The King boomed.

"You shouldn't have taken us." Meki told him.

"My people are suffering."

"I can see that. A sad fact, to be sure, but not one that excuses your actions."

"You will give us the warmth." The King demanded.

"Never." Lucius replied.

"Then you will die by my sword." Upon making this threat, the King pulled a sword made entirely of ice from his scabbard.

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