Friday, March 1, 2013

Back From The Future Blogfest!

It’s the first Friday of the month and there is no Bad Movie/Good Party Theme.*

I know, I know, it’s a break from tradition. But there’s a good reason! At least, if you think getting a visit from much future self is reason enough to deprive you of your dose of cinematic aw2-ness.**

That’s right, folks, my future self. I’m a big fan of travel so I’m not too surprised that when Future Me figured out there was a way to time jump, she/I leapt at the opportunity.

And she/I was thoughtful enough to bring gifties! A whole shoebox full of things from the future. The year 2023 to be exact.

I figured it was unfair for me to have all these glimpses into the future, so I thought I’d share with you guys. Here’s what I got:

-          Blueprints to what appears to be a flying car.
o       Completely pumped about this. Looks like Hanna & Barbera were on the right track with their Orbit City predictions. 2062, we’re gonna be flying your way!
-          Something that looks like an eReader with a big green button.
o       Sweet baby monkeys…..When I press the green button the world of the story forms in hologram around me. I’m walking through stories!! And, yup, double checked, if you don’t press the button, you can still read the books like normal. 
-          Mumford and Sons album (2022)
o       Still sounding strong!
-          Another Firefly movie
o       *Swoons dramatically, then begins belting out “The Ballad of Serenity.”*
-          Picture of book with my name on the cover.
o       *Runs down the street yelling to people a la George Bailey at the end of It’s A Wonderful Life* Of course, leave it to Future Me not to let me see what I’d written. Now, I’ll have to think of it all on my own. Also, pumped to see that you can still get paper books in 10 years.
-          Note that says “You got the library.”
o       The only library coming to mind is the one from Beauty and the Beast. And if that’s the one Future Me is talking about, I may just throw up right here. But in a totally good way.
-          Family photo
o       Look at everyone, smiling all cheesy. Love it. Oooh, some unfamiliar faces. No names on the back though. Guess I’m just going to have to keep an eye out.
-          And judging from the size of this box, I’m guessing Future Me has a pair of pretty awesome boots.
o       May not say much about the future, but I’m certainly pleased with the thought.

Turns out I’m not the only one getting futuristic shoe boxes. Suze, Mary, and Nicki have more of the details on these mysteriously awesome occurrences.   

* Check back next week!
**Awful & awesome.


  1. Love the flying car blueprints, the family photo, and the picture of the book! Actually, I think I love all your additions in your box - especially the Firefly movie! :-)

  2. There is one Mumford and Sons song I really like, 'Awake My Soul.'

  3. Gasp! Another Firefly movie!! Can I come over and watch? Pleeeeaaaase!! I'll bring my Jayne coffee mugs.

  4. The holographic e-reader is AWESOME!! I want it! And yay you with the new boots. ;) Thanks for pre-empting your usual feature to join the fest.

  5. i want one of those ereaders:) Love that you got the library of your dreams :)

  6. All are welcome to come watch the new Firefly movie while I wait on my Beauty and the Beast library!

  7. Oh, how fun! I totally want one of those e-readers. What an awesome idea.

    Great to meet you through this hop! I love your list. :)

  8. I debated adding a Firefly movie to my list. Actually, I think it was a return of the series. Only if..... :)

  9. Walking through stories would be amazing--love that you sent a picture of a physical book, too! It would be nice if those stuck around for a while.

  10. That e-reader sounds totally cool. Ooh, imagine if it were a picture book...

    With the way the traffic is where I live, a flying car would come in mighty handy. (Are you a fast builder?)

    Nice to meetcha.

  11. I. Want. That. Holographic. e-Reader.
    OMG It sounds awesome! Can you imagine?

  12. Green button :-) :-) And love that the box also has good boots significance!

  13. I got one too, but yours had better loot inside.

  14. HI, Kelly,

    Nice to meet you. Love the flying car...such fun. YAY for real books ...and how cool to have such a phenomenal library...