Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gonna start looking for a purple blur

On our route to work, Roomie and I pass many bus stops, but only one is really worth mentioning.

This particular stop consists only of a sign, no overhang, no bench. Just a pike in the ground. There is also no sidewalk. It's just stuck in the curb. The only way to avoid standing in the street if you’re waiting there is to wedge yourself into the overgrown bushes that have taken over that little curb. And as this is situated on the side of a six lane road, people seem to prefer to take their chances in the bushes than in the street.

This leads to another question: How do people get to this stop? There only seem to be two possibilities. The first is playing a human game of Frogger. The second is cutting through the golf course, hopping the fence, and fighting past the bramble to arrive at your public transportation pick-up spot of choice. Neither of these seem ideal.

And then we come to the final mystery. Roomie and I are not entirely consistent with what time we drive past this landmark (mostly due to my inability to process five alarms and the length of time it takes me to notice that the Roomie is pounding on my door). So, we’ve driven past it at a variety of times. While there is often someone waiting patiently at that nearly hidden pike, we have never once seen a bus on that street.

All of this evidence has led us to only one conclusion. This is where the Knight Bus picks up local wizards. That’s why we’ve never seen it and that’s why all these folks can get to that precarious location.

It’s really the only thing that makes sense, though I’ll admit to feeling a little hurt that there are wizards in the area and I’m not one of them. But who knows, right? Maybe I’m just a late bloomer and one day soon I’m just going to start apparating all over the place.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the way it’s gonna go.

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