Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Idea of Music

Roomie overheard the following conversation between coworkers:

Coworker 1: I really love music.

Coworker 2: What kind do you listen to?

Coworker 1: Oh, I don’t really listen to any. I just like it.

So….I’m confused. Does she just like the idea of music?

Of course, it’s possible that she felt it too personal to provide an inventory of her musical tastes. After all, the kind of music a person listens to can reveal a lot about them. For instance, Roomie’s gentleman caller recently said that on car trips he has a preference for techno. I’m pretty sure this stems from his refusal to ever sing. Techno doesn’t really afford you that many opportunities to join the tune. Still, after finding this out, I’ll never be able to look at him quite the same.

I go in the opposite direction, you see. One of the biggest factors in my music selection is sing-a-long-ability. There are many truly beautiful instrumental works, but they will never be my first choice. I prefer, frequently to the chagrin of those around me, to be able to belt out whatever happens to be playing.

As a kid, I tried my hand at many an instrument:

-          Piano (my parents still speak of a recital of mine they went to where they wanted to run up to the stage, grab me and run out the door....possibly because I was so awesome they were afraid some other parents would try to claim me as their own prodigy....but possibly not)
-          Clarinet (the first time I practiced, my mother jumped out of the shower because she thought ducks had gotten in the house….it didn’t get better after that)
-          Saxophone (pretty sure at this point I was just moving my fingers)
-          Guitar (have owned one for twelve years…still can’t play a song)

And for one terrifying weekend, I tried to teach myself to play the harmonica. To the great benefit of everyone in the world, none of them stuck. I just didn’t have the talent or the discipline. Singing, however, was always there and always fun. And, seeing as I like music in more than just theory, singing is something I continually come back to.

So, I gravitate towards the songs I find most sing-able, though I am always happy to try out something new. With one recent exception, rap doesn’t really show up on my playlists. However, I still listen to it from time to time, as, it turns out, the Roomie is particularly adept at joining those who are proficient at busting a rhyme.

We’re like Yin and Yang. If Yin really liked soccer and rap. And Yang didn’t at all.

How about you? What music do you love? Or are you someone who just thinks it’s a nice idea?

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